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    Here another example of a difficult trade I would take. USDCAD is pushing hard into Zone -2 at 1.0698. Wait around for a push through this level and take a long. Target would be up around 1.0797. Fix your target and stop according to the River amounts of tommorrow once you have them. A challenging trade no doubt but one I would take every moment. If it doesn't work out, no issue. I take my loss and move on to the next prospect.
    Risk guide can be under 1.0659.


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    Dito, good example, pictures worth a thousand words.
    I have tripped up at the previous level as I was anticipating a move up and didnt receive my orders place for the move down. When am I going to learn trade precisely what the market gives me not what I want it to? This was the difference between last level which was this one and a succss I mishandled.
    Lets see where everything settles and go from there.
    Have a Fantastic weekend.

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    I think, after browsing through the archive I've discovered something else which very important. It is where the daily value box (modus - 2*PD stddev on daily curve) lies within the zones.

    This could be a substitute to price action for entry choice. If its above if its under then brief, if it crosses, then wait patiently until resolve.

    Sigh. . I truly need a mentor. DRT where are you?

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    hmmmmm this somewhat risky.... What should you believe?

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    Im not much assistance but I shorted usdcad @ 1.0218 with the chart you put up, closed, and only went long @1.0161

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    Dito, well, I moved when I shouldn't have, didn't you say not to over commerce?
    Now I am out of position and awaiting the next level. Made pips although not exactly what it could have been.
    Also, you gave me an illuion of a setup eurusd, as I looked back I noticed a couple other pair with the same setup last friday with plenty of pips created. Have a fantastic week.

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    We have two levels we can deal with, usdjpy @ 112.74 and gbpusd @ 2.0034.
    Gbpusd - short from 2.0133 do not know if I must hold on for additional move down? Any proposals? Placed long @ 2.0034 till we see what way this thing is going.

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    - I took eurusd short, because it retest -1.0 level.
    - Not taking usdjpy because it likely ceased at 114.58.
    - Gbpusd didn't choose me up on -1.0 level, the train has left already.

    Btw, why you take long @2.0036? No bounce is not built, by any value yet, no price action shows it would be going up.

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    Dito were talken, I love the brief and reminders description on the charts of things to look for as we achieve different degrees.
    That I wasn't aware of avoid trading into preceding weeks curve.
    The reason I'm bias to long is to return to 2.0711 worth place.
    Obvious a lot to understand. Thanks
    btw as we bounced up from 2.0036 to 2.0063 I shorted since I did't know which way this was moving so at least I had been coated till I return to see how this was acting out.
    Also, closed brief from 2.0133 @1.9943 nearly 200 pips with this commerce inspite of my screw ups.
    Hey, tell me what you consider nzdusd looks like time for a long?

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    Well' if the near on prev worth is not at extreme stage its okay to enter reverse trade into previous weekly price.
    At least give it a week to build value/resolve the amount when this thing occur. Yesterday I did the exact same mistake also, I close them immediately after realize that it was a bad choice.

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