It does not say, (or my rereading it 20 times hasn't spotted it) however, the fib amounts are XXX pips below the tunnel. I presume then:

when we are in the uptrend, the 24MA is above the 28MA, and so the lines above the tube are: 24MA 89, 24MA 144, 24MA 233 etc.. .

Along with the lines beneath the tunnel are then based on the 28MA:

28MA - 89, 28MA - 144, 28MA - 233 etc..

And visa versa when the market is reversed, and also in a downtrend.

Or is he simply basing it on the 24MA?

Wait, pulled his software, answered my own question. . He is basing it on the 24MA. .

Hmm. . I shall try it based on the two different side of this tube such as that I listed above, and see whether the results are worse or better. .