Hello Fellow traders,

I have been studying Bogo, Sidus, Akuma99 etc.. In an effort not to find the holy grail however a method to trade which makes sense. My goal is that if I stick to it and use all of the features which we all struggle with sometimes i.e subject, greed, emotions. . .da dada,,daaaa that I can be succesful in this form of trading. SO... here is my installation and please feel free to comment (ideally ):

Chart: MT4
Timeframes: 30 min-4hrs
Currency: The majors
Trade with: MBTrading
Indiors: Bollinger Bands (20,2) To detect trends/range
Bollinger Squezee w/CCI 50(by Akuma99) To enter exit
SMA 100 200 (per Akuma) To detect trend direction S/R
EMA 5 12 (each Bagovino) To detect trend and confirmation
Others: Pivot Points To utilize as S/R and Require profits
Stop Loss/Take Profit/Trail Stops To protect my investment

Okay, so there I have put myself out there for your constructive criticism. Do these work together? Are you redundant with some? This is a start of a framework to understand and adapt to whatever works for me in a period in my life for a trader.
Thank you for your indulgence