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    NQ has staged a massive V-bottom rally into yesterday's NY afternoon session, which shut deep in Friday's value beyond Thursday's POC.
    It signals the shift in the tone and also the yield of risk on commerce.

    At the Moment of speaking, the Globex session is trading at the gap between Wednesday and Thursday.
    The likely target today is to challenge a week's POC at 6895 and VPOC at 6900.
    I would expect some response from that region to give me a couple of scalps.
    If NQ were to able to capture back the 6900 amount, the next goal is 7050 and there is not a lot of construction below 7050 to stop its advances.

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    Absorption appeared in NQ when it trades near yesterday's closing publish.
    It is a indiion of bullishness.

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    Guess where Pound has turned around after a significant sell-off now?
    Last week's POC.
    Manipulation or Magic?

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    you have a lot of atmosphere to the south

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    you have a lot of atmosphere to the south picture picture
    I was outside for a tennis match.
    What a rout at Nasdaq following the lunch break at NY.
    It broke like no other.
    Consider the chart. It's like ending of the world capital flight.
    Is this really the start of the end of the tech sector? Ultimately the Nasdaq boom is coming to an end.
    Anyway, we have 6500 points more to smash in the not so distant future.

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    Pound is rejected in the Monday's worth low as it tried to trade back into Monday's range after yesterday's big sell-off.

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    In the forefront of the tech rout, it's the FB who is leading the charge to the downside.
    Tonight, following the failed effort to trade back into last week's worth place, it got rejected and was marketed hard from the shareholders.
    We are going to monitor this stock carefully for further down side break down as a signal for pressing shorts on Nasdaq.

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    NQ range bound within a box involving 6580 and 6490.
    The yesterday's non appears to be analyzed and the supplies are absorbed at the low. The leg because the 13:00 CET is due to the brief squeeze of the traders who have shorted in the low. We could return down to daily POC or daily VWAP open.

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    Bearish absorption appear in Dow in 23980 level.
    High conviction rejection for dow. Dow would have to clear this level before it is able to advance any further to upside.

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