GbpUsd Statistical Probability With Price Action
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Thread: GbpUsd Statistical Probability With Price Action

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    Currently it has retraced to the 50 fib level on the daily as it fell 121 pips when it hit on the yearly high of 2.0023.

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    Another glance at the daily retracements for the past two decades.

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    The blue line is the RM range of movement based on each weeks high and low for all of the weeks of this year. The pink line is the WAR weekly average range from Jan.1 2007 thus far. The line is the WAR beginning July 8 2007. The WAR changes from week to week because it is the cumulative average of all of the previous weeks to date. The WAR is based on adding the amount of pips a currency has range for the previous weeks to date. The very first of this year in 2007 the RM per week was 487 week 2 was 346 week. Insert those three weeks 487 346 206 you have a total of 1039. Split the 1039 by 3 weeks you've got a WAR of 346 for your first three weeks of this year. Week 4 had a RM of 355 adding it to the total of the previous three weeks afterward dividing the total by 4 you have a WAR of 349 for your first 4 weeks of this year. Through the course of this year before July, the WAR for the year continued to drop slowly started based on RM. That the WAR is revealed for the year and for the time commencing in July. Because you can inform the RM beginning in July improved for the GbpUsd in addition to some other currencies. It will be interesting to understand how the RM continues throughout 2008.

    Updated info begins with post 99.

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    The GbpUsd has retraced to the 61.8 daily fib amount for the 172nd period in 258 trading times for a 66.7% retracement probability. On Friday after the days low and high was established it hit the 50 fib and today has lasted to the 61.8 fib level. On Friday it actually came with in 12 pips of their 61.8 daily fib so it wasn't considered a hit at that time

    All daily fibs are counted when the currency retraces after the days low and high are established. These fib amounts have been given a 7 pip tolerance, which means in regards in seven pips of a certain fib level. Additionally these fib amounts are counted if it retraces the day of the low and high being set or the following trading day of the last days low and high.

    Upgraded information begin with post 99.

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    On the weekly 4hr notice the green horizontal lines for past S/R levels. The 2007 WAR to get 299. The very first months of trading the past two years have had a range of movement. It's trading at 9978 that's a past S/R degree on the 4hr.

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    A look at S/R in the daily outlook.

    Updated information begins with post 99.

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    From pivot 1 on Friday it had retraced to within 10 pips of 38 fib see yellow fib lines from Pivot 2 that is today's low pivot it retraced to the 50 fib see green fib lines. Its finding resistance at an 00 number and house sales coming out in about an hour.
    Pivot 1 did not appear on the chart it is at 9905

    Updated information begins with post 99.

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    Watch daily fib retracement probabilities on article 102. Posts 99 and 100 reveal DAR chart and day RM.

    Updated information begins with article 99.

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