Everywhere I look there seems to be a consensus that pro traders seem at multiple time frames, in addition to some other items of course, but I am most bemused by this topic and additionally multiple market analysis so I only want to discuss those two things.

Firstly I am conscious that in forex the markets are quite highly correlated and I am wondering what exactly the pros and cons of this are. And maybe how we may use market analysis to assist us with our trading.

Secondly I am completely lost concerning multiple time frame analysis. I really don't understand how it works one piece. To me it seems that every time frame has its own behavior. Not so much behavior but what I am trying to get at is lets say you are looking at a trend that is simple. Consider the most perfect fashion you can and lets say youre egy is an easy MA cross... lets also assume that this tendency is so perfect that the MA cross occurs right at the beginning of the fashion and ends directly at the end. Now on a 1 hour chart you would have missed half the transfer had you been awaiting instance a situation you had the MA's cross both the 30 min charts in addition to the 1 hour charts. And if you take a look at 3 time frames at the same time, you would overlook on 3/4 of the transfer or just get in at the bottom. I really don't understand multiple time frame analysis is of any benefit.

The thing is that I have discovered that the markets always moving at precisely the same rate so to talk but only as long as you're looking at it in different time frame perspective in different words envision a slider in your trading platform thing which enables you to pick the time chart of your choice... which will mean a single 100 pip or so candle onto the 1 hour chart might in reality be this perfect trend I was speaking about on perhaps the 15 min chart. I'm convinced this slider can be done very easily but I am not interested in creating it as I have thought about its own appliions and I couldnt find any that I thought would work or give me some sort of edge... if somebody is ready to make it move for the life. Anyhow I only need to understand the logic behind using MTF.

The sole reason why I can envision MTF to function is because the more time frames you take into account as well as the more they line the higher the odds that a larger number of traders will be using the same/similar egies as you and hence help transfer the price exactly the same manner as you analysis but even this is questionable in my view since the market is pushed by the big boys and from what I read, they trade the daily.