Hello, I just read an article from the news section Pigs make money, hogs get slaughtered

I am just curious about this man Steve Dewitt, nearly everyday I get an email from himabout the signals he Sells, for me personally the only proof is that he is desperate to sell his signals and make some money, I don't think he even was great at mlm, since he demosntrates a lot of curiosity about selling his signals to find money, otherwise he wont send me emails almost everyday.

I am also curious thatforexintuitiveis allowing him post the links to his services, at the News Section, since each article he made there's nothing to do with all the news section, possibly the Beginners QA segment is more appropriate because of his posts (to teach those items to the Newbies, not calling Dewitt a Newbie, please make that CLEAR)

I thinkforexintuitivemust rework a tiny bit longer on the rules about people that make posts on the news section, Because if everybody starts doing what Dewitt is performing inforexintuitiveNews Section, posting items that don't have nothing to do with all the news section, and benefiting from being able to article Links to his services there, an increasing number of people will begin doing exactly the same thing, and sooner or later SCAMS will soon be posting links on the News Section (not calling Dewitt per Scam, however creating reference that some Sc may take advantage of it)

Juts trying to make my contribution .