Hello everyone

After reading countless posts in various loions, I have yet to find one which addresses the area of trading that we actually need. How money does one need to really be able to trade the Currency Market markets?

I am making this post in the trading room, because I really don't wish to reply 5 billion fire posts about how I am trampling on people dre, ad nausium.

I am a professional trader with over 5 million under control, and that I have a few criteria which clients need to meet before I will accept them as a client.

1. No little change. I really don't need her life savings and grandma. IMO, if someone does not have to put in the market, they arent serious.

2. There has to be an understanding that Currency Market isn't an investment it is a risk vehicle.

3. Its a matter of qualifying them for that of my methods, beyond that I put them into.

Im not saying this to be harsh, but a lot of what im reading is almost delusional. Yes is possible, but placing 250usd into the Currency Market market is akin to driving screws using a dvd player. . .will it work? Sure... does it work well? Not a chance.

Just looking for some other qualified opinions, I remain

Respectfully yours

Lawrence a.k.a The Bear