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Thread: forex fundamentals are way too vast

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    This to method are not oppsite to each other the tendency affects the news and the new affect the tendency the experienced trader follows them equally I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    fine explain to me why I left over 2000 pips in june with no losses if you insist that no losses = no wins?
    I would say that the answer is you might be delusional, But while it's possible to go for lengthy amounts of time without a very minimal number of losses it comes back to get you in the long run.

    No pain, no gain. There is another for you free of charge.

    I enjoy the analogy some trading book writers have utilized that losses are a cost of doing business. The trading enterprise. Every business has income and expenses. Profits are earnings. Commissions and/or spread, losses and data are expenses.

    There is just no getting around it. Period.

    But you're different. Fantastic luck Mr No loss.

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