It came to my attention which 1World has resorted to tactics in withholding profits/money out of customers.

Sometime past, 1World gave $40 or so per day in Swaps for LONG GBPJPY. Traders who left money on this have their own profits and cash withheld (indefinitely?) . Http://
Additionally, I noticed about 6 months back that swap rate for GBPCHF was zero for both long and short. This was reported in StrategyBuilderFX forum. Were these swap rate a mistake or a deliberate Trap? After reading the horror stories, I suspect its a trap intended to twist traders.

How can this turn into a filthy ploy?

Assume you traded GBPJPY, made money from the procedure with 1World. Later they come to you saying, Hey Mr Trader, you made cash from a swap rates and we're disqualifying all. Including the swaps you accumulated in addition to the PIPS you to include ALL OTHER TRADES made following these trades and made; you will not have cash to make trades that are additional when these GBPJPY trades were not made. . GBPJPY was soaring in June/July and these traders made money from it. .

There are two chances being played ; 1World deliberately erred in providing enormous exchange amount for GBPJPY in order that it encourages traders to take long GBPJPY positions; afterward:
1. 1World didn't hedge your trades using a upper tier broker (1World traded vs you); you left cash and they now rescind those trades. OR
2. 1World hedged your trades using an upper tier broker. But, 1world now claims YOUR profits. You took the risk going and now they pocket the profit.
You dont earn swaps. You dont earn Pips. End of Story.
The snare is for traders to make positions on those pairs; if you failed and following additional trading (even with other pairs) made money, they will go to your account and cancel your profits asserting, these may not occur so there is no profit left.

Ever wonder why 1World's NetCap has surged to 2M from 1M? However, the Client funds dropped from 1.5M to 0.5M? They simply took away the 1M from the customer and in their own!

I know of a team who has hired a professional lawyer vs 1World to recoup funds/profits. You should join them if you've got a situation versus 1world.

PS. To clarify, this is not about 1World currently correcting the wrong swaps you earned, but they're disqualifying the trades and profitable trades . Simply put they're disqualifying only the winners; internet losers remain losers.