Hi, I am looking for an ECN using a proper price ladder such as Interactive Brokers (TWS) has, maybe not those bothersome side-by-side bid/ask columns which Currenex has. I can not keep my eye on the jumping prices - that I need the prices to remain where they are and the bid/ask to jump around. IB has their own appliions (I guess it is proprietary?) With a performance to display the ladder (Book Trader) but I am not overly sure about moving with IB. So I am looking for an ECN with either their own appliions that shows this, or some other platform which adequate ECNs (which have high liquidity) use that is available to the retail trader (i.e. you don't require a huge account, possibly 10 expansive ).

These images are from the net:

http://www.ninjatrader-support.com/H...perDOM 3.png