Hi all

Am on the lookout for a new broker consistent with my trading style / requirements. Appreciate any suggestions from those with live account experience of the subsequent brokers and or appropriate brokers.

Trading Method
1) Day trader
2) Trading Mode - Main sigs (trend line, ma's, price action, pivots, fibs) are taken from daily, 4hr, 1hr chart. From those a long and a brief entry line is created, the true entry is subsequently determined on 5 or 15 min chart when price is on or after fracture of those major confluence lines.
3) I really don't trade the news and try to be out of market at statements.
4) Often follow price momentum entering when price moves quickly outside of highlighted breakout zone. Also sometimes input 5 -10mins after a news event when there is very good momentum and confirmation of fashion.
5) I need automatic stoploss (50) centre in case of unexpected spikes, crashes etc
6) I place orders manually.
7) Total cheapest spread not greatest priority, mentality is much more leaned to fixed spreads carrying risk of fewer surpises.
8) Account form would be Mini lots or spread gambling (as u.k)
9) I concentrate on just 4 pairs #/us, us/jpy eur/us us/chf

I am flexible to varying spreads but have not used them reside and as I enjoy momentum am not certain how much these spreads widen during non news time great price action.

Was believing either Oanda for the changeable route or Profit or GFT for fixed spreads. Experience with Oandas trial platform over last month... appears to shake up alot to me.

From reading testimonials sounds all brokers get slammed in some way or other, but a lot of it does seem to be centred around news event issues.

Suppose what I am actually searching for is firstly a known financially secure company followed by consistent fast order execution (non news times), a steady platform, spreads with no nasty surprises (even when paying a bit more)and a customer support you can speak to quickly if a problem occurs. Does this exist!!!!!!???

My current broker whilst proving to be very fast fair and reliable when coping with problems, their fixed spreads in last 2 years have only
become too uncompetitive and particularly when those mysterious extra few pips get added here and there or the order fill is late for no apprarent reason.

Things to perform!!!!! Fire .

many thanks