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I am testing a trading platform live recording method by 3rd party free appliions.

I will think of two uses with this:
I) keep the movie capturing of full screen of the last hour until NOW,
in order in any case of a platform error, uncertainty, disconnection, purposed slippage, price manupulation happen,
you can grab out the last hour's movie and provide evidence to broker as well as article to traders' forum as proof

ii) for all those sky-rocketing day-scalping amounts,
it's said that posting on standing OPEN is too much a petition for ultra short day scalping, it will let you miss key prices. Personally, I agree with that.
But after the shakes instance, seems even posting a few minutes following the order CLOSE remains under suspect...
so now it comes, the scalper can use live video recording in desktop and do only scalping, then the results could be submitted as a movie for suspect evidence.
Thus a 2nd shakes don't need to invite so many individuals for live show, he could sit at home and ch a trading on his own and because it's a movie, it's less likely to be modified.

For the 1st edition, I am attaching a GIF animation of my trading platform live capturing. I want to listen do you think that it may be helpful,
if sufficient individuals thinks worthwhile we could proceed develop the appliions solutions guide. (totally FREE free of appliions, it is possible to think that it's kind of GNU volunteer work to help every other

Pls click the attached GIF in order to observe the cartoon moving
I don't know which board is ideal to post, contemplating use I) could be potentially for trading platform issue use, so I am posting here.
Click the survey to state if you think this could be helpful. If you think there's some good solutions to this issue, Welcome inputs.