I am not positive whether this the nature of the business or it is only forex.com. I recall the sales people promise me that I would get promotional ace rates for 30 days until I deposit the money, then told me that I don't qualify for the promotion because the promotion ended two days before I signed up.

Then I ask them what's the spread on EUR/USD for its expert rates. For some reason, they think that is a secret. Everytime I called themeither they play stupid and tell me that the expert rates are just like the regular rates (which can be evident a lie), or else they will say that they'll return to me, which they did. I believe forex.com isn't that untrue. I wager their traders desk scalp swaps and bank interest .

Another fascinating thing, their metatrader platform does not support expert rates. This is the specific words from their sales people...I am not convinced they listened to their metatrader platform just contains 8-10 pips spread for GBPJPY. This implies either their people are dumbasses or liars.

A person with a half mind will be aware that it is extremely difficult to make a profit with 8-10 pips spread on GBPJPY and 3-5 pips spread on EURUSD.

Forex.com was my initial retail account, and now I know why my buddy laughed at me when I started it in the first loion.