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    Welcome to !

    This thread will focus largely on Fundamental and Technical analysis for the every Market. The main idea is to have a thread in which people can post particulars that are significant about the News or trading setups that they have witnessed. Since everybody need to sleep, its impossible to exchange all day on a 24hours market. If people of the forum work in staff, we will have the ability to cover the general market times with information.

    Everybody is welcome to post and content from the news section may be copy pasted here. If you hear anything significant out of CNBC or Bloomberg values noted, you may post it here. Charts may also be submitted, but I will discount any chart with indiors on it.

    Information could be on any market, except that the crypto currency market. Forex will be our main focus but information and News on stock, bond or market will also be discussed.

    I hope this thread will grow and have trader from different part of the world so that we can cover the whole market

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Looking through my charts I fell upon Cad/Chf and figured out that we might be on a good level to short. This trade could take the time to grow, but now is a good entrance: picture
    Take-profits were finally struck. I made a little bit more profits than I was anticipating.

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    By RBA meeting Moment:Members observed that the major currencies had changed little with volatility at multi-year lows, over April. The dollar had also shown little change over the past month and remained around 6 percent higher in trade-weighted terms than in January, although it was still around 10 per cent. Participants noted the money market rates in Australia continued to indie no change in the cash rate was anticipated at this meeting and over the rest of the year. #8203; In recent meetings, the Board had judged it was prudent to leave the cash rate unchanged. #8203;a impartial report.

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    ahhhh. Im doing for this particular month. My Cad/Chf transaction was well placed. I was going to brief the AUD yesterday but since im in my test period in college I prefer to take off. I will be back in the conclusion of the one or next week.

    Hope you're doing good

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    The volatility is killing me. I feel as if this week is over although I was able to close my very last CAD trade. Unless something intriguing is said during the ECB speech I might not exchange until next week.

    Anyways, I'm watching this right now:

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    From RBNZ a Few of days ago that came:Signalling a rate pause could be counter-productive speculation of a pause was flattening the yield curve July rate decision will probably be data-driven NZD should fall if people were pricing it directly RBNZ wants to highlight NZD's weaker fundamentals NZD should drop according to commodities NZ terms of commerce might be at turning point
    From :

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    Remarks from Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor Stevens, into the Australian Conference of Economists (ACE) and the Econometric Society Australasian Meeting (ESAM), Hobart:Says rebalancing signs encouraging but some way to go yet Says monetary policy quite accommodative, but nonetheless has ammunition on rates hinting A$ overvalued by most measures, also by more than a couple pennies Says investors under-estimating risk of sharp collapse in A$ at some stage Says not trying to consciously”jawbone” the currency lower Hasn't considered tightening, stability language has worked on market expectations May drop reference to steady rates long before giving any thought to tightening Says federal budget unlikely to change near term economic outlook Says longer term tightening of monetary policy appears sensible Questions whether financial impact on family confidence will persist Says q1 gdp likely estimating pace of growth, outlook little below trend Housing market appears to be calming down, even lower price growth favoured Says conditions in housing market don't justify higher rates

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    From RBNZ:Over recent months, export prices for timber and milk have dropped, and primary sector incomes will be reduced by these within the coming year. With the exchange rate yet to adapt to commodity prices, the level of the New Zealand dollar is both unsustainable and unjustified and there is potential for a substantial fall.

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