Hi FF,

This is my first ever EA and, although I want to think I have everything right, obviously I've made a mistake (or mistakes) at some stage as it is not opening any transactions.

The EA is for ' EOD Strategy which is here : https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...-industry.html

If anybody would be gracious enough to take a peek at the code then I'd be incredibly grateful.

I wanted to build it with some options for auto/manual TP, SL, and lot size, but even when I disable all of the extras it STILL doesn't open any transactions. (Yes, I've trading empowered !!)

I've looked at this all day and still can't find the mistakes. I have the function routines in something or the wrong place. Any insight or help from seasoned programmers would be appreciated.

Thank you Beforehand.

El Choco