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    Is the Euro dominace over the us dollar performed?

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    the way to utilize the POC profitably

    Hello dear traders,

    From the current EURUSD, I'd like to explain to you how Equilibrium (POC) is decided and what occurred next.

    The first POC was attracted at 12:20 CET, the next POC at 13:00 CET, the third at 13:50 CET and the fourth at 14:00 CET. In the next POC you can see quite well how the price is at a downtrend. Suddenly a balance develops and then the course breaks down. This POC line proved to be a resistance for me. The first POC was powerful but not that essential. Even though the 3rd and 4th POC traces are resistance or support, they had to be watched closely when touched.
    The lower POC was a powerful resistance zone, let's see where it came out.

    On the 25th of January from 21:30 CET the first POC has been shaped. This zone is critical, as you can see. When the price went down this afternoon at 9:30 CET, it was safe to suppose that the price had fallen long enough to maintain the resistance zone. Let us go back to the chart image.

    As you can see, you might have done very clean 3 trades, even though we were really moving in a sideways range. 90 Pip is a outcome in 2 hours as there was a risk alloion here. The price was up back to the next resistance level on the trade, but you wouldn't have made a big loss here. Even though the trade went about two pip, it would have triggered my maximum stop after 4 pip. It went up 30 pip. The trade hesitated at the start because of the 3rd POC, but then went through up to take profit. My recommendation: Don't pull take profit up into the resistance level, so you better get something out ahead of time. The range was 35 pip, therefore I only calculated with 30 pip.

    Another intriguing aspect: the large players. By 09:00 CET into 14:00 CET, the price now was roughly 60 pip down. At 14:30 CET a strong upward motion was of 25 pip. Then it went downhill. What happened? A huge player had placed a order within the 1st POC. At around 14:30 CET, at which everyone believed the price was heading down again, he gave up a buy order with a take profit at the price level of his limit order. The price jumped up, his take profit triggered and at precisely the same time the market limit order and the price went down automatically. The course arrived back somewhat and was pushed by another order. The small players that desired to go downstairs did the remainder. So the significant player managed to collect 70 pip in 45 minutes. That is not much, but absolutely adequate for this range. Of course, there are it's crucial to consider how the players act. To juggle with 50,000 euros is simple, try that with billions or a couple million of dollars. You have to be imaginative in order to boost the resources of investors and also to generate a yield of 24% at the end of the year.

    You see, it's important to take a closer look and study the huge player egy. We can never win against the large players if of the forexintuitive traders team up. The large ones would only laugh at that. We have 1 chance, we can't fight against them, we just have to allow them to take us away. We all must do is know where the big ones are going. Learn how to draw on the POC properly and exercise it daily. The best total of 10,000 hours, then you're professional. Use indiors to encourage, but not at the chart, only your POC counts and everything you see.

    Once you've discovered your profitable system, focus on it and forget about the POC. Otherwise, you have a opportunity to attain your goal with the POC.

    Best regards

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    Would I ask when was Trump event

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    Does anybody think we gap? EU has made nearly an 8 year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

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    Experimenting for this thing.

    For clarity
    1. Back to 2256 give or take a few
    2. Then to 2397 give or take a few
    3. Then to 2137 give or take a few
    4. Back up in phases to take out the 2540.

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    I have a SELL signal at 1.2430 on H4 chart in my System Strategy.

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    Buy the drops , the future is getting clear, a great person with funny hair I see. He is the one, follow you need to.

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    Are you currently tracking EURUSD this past week? Y ou could be viewing a technically bullish pair; at least the EUR is technically stronger at the moment. However, there is need to be cautious of the market mood and also the loion of price action. You may choose to ask: How bullish is 'bullish?' Basically, realize that price action on the EURUSD is operating in a solid resistance zone and the intra-day chart (H4) shows price action contained in a symmetrical triangle. It is very important to await clarity of price action from the first 1-2 days of trading.

    I may be incorrect. Trade safe and prosper.


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