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    just charts , watching . Take good care ,

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    The USD index proceeds to piggy-back rising US Treasury giving it further impetus, and it has reclaimed 91.000 status consequently, with honest resistance around 91.526 back to the radar before 91.751 plus a couple more upside chart amounts before early 2018 highs.

    EUR/USD is pivoting 1.2200 where huge choice expiries roll off ECB day tomorrow (3 bln), together with Fib support around 1.2173 still underpinning the pair, but the upside restricted ahead of 1.2250.

    Choice expiries of notice for today's 15:00 BST:
    EUR/USD: 1.2220 (0.977BLN) and 1.2290 (0.596 BLN).

    Notice - another EUR 3.3bln 1.2200 hit expires Thursday, just after the ECB policy assembly.

    Holding down one short to 1.2040, near the 200-day moving average.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The USD index proceeds to piggy-back rising US Treasury providing it additional impetus, and it has recovered 91.000 status because of this, with honest resistance around 91.526 back to the radar ahead of 91.751 and a few more upside chart amounts before ancient 2018 highs. EUR/USD is pivoting 1.2200 where enormous choice expiries roll off ECB day tomorrow (3 bln), with Fib support around 1.2173 still underpinning the pair, but the upside capped ahead of 1.2250. Option expiries of notice for today's 15:00 BST: EUR/USD: 1.2220 (0.977BLN) and 1.2290 (0.596 BLN). Note...
    Keep short really.

    Iam targeting 1.19 ore possibly lower.

    Let see what Dragi attracts tomorrow but with poor economic information I believe that he will choose the euro down.

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    Only watch from Those buyers on h4, h1 currently....and some lurking on m5/m15

    It just needs a trigger once enough Vendors would have been eaten

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    The Euro continues to collapse, but experts are not waiting for the astrophe

    The U.S. Dollar has been climbing for several days against the Euro, Yen, the Pound Sterling and other currencies amid a continued increase in US Treasuries yields.

    Ten-year us Treasuries yields rose above 3 percent on Tuesday for the first time because 2014. The market is close to the maximum of July 2011 -- 3.047 percent. Growing inflationary expectations, in addition to statements with a variety of agents of the Federal reserve last week raised fears the us Central Bank will raise rates at a faster rate.

    The return of 3 percent didn't come from nowhere - the fed discussed the increase in inflation since the beginning of the year and ready the market for a rate increase, says analyst in London Capital Group Jasper Lawler. The easing of tensions, particularly the reduction in the anxieties of a trade war, let traders to focus on the factors that point to the aid of the dollar, specifically.

    FX market egists in Scotiabank look at the Euro/dollar pair in a neutral/bearish key, noting that service is likely in the region of 1.2045/1.2145 at the short term.

    EUR/USD remains weak, being close to yesterday's low and below the wider trading range based since the beginning of the year. There was no major European data this morning. EUR is weakening before tomorrow's ECB meeting (no changes are anticipated), experts say.

    They notice that the Euro keeps yesterday's range only below 1.22. The breakout of service in the center of 1.22 this week renders the medium-term picture less reliable than anticipated in the Bank. Given the extensive work done by the market at the beginning of the calendar year, the final bearish breakthrough is still missing, according to experts. They see that a stronger and more lasting service at the zone of the 1.2045/1.2145 in the moment. Intraday support-1.2185.

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    Now = 121 68

    Went long @ 121 63 and again in 121 54 if seen .

    Have a ggod night all

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    just one final leg running for second push to try best 1.2050/00 probably down or test before excellent response, may take more time at drawback before the true push up attempt last of the last again.both ways are risky as nearing the conclusion but as weekly / monthly conclusion we have enough time managing trade any side .Take care,

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    I have manually closed the last round of buys and obtained brief about 20 pips up in AUD.After realizing that ai not stopping at 78 or 88% afterward considering daily chart I think this is thestart of this deeper correction I was seeking already and given up on.

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    ECB President Mario Draghi may disappoint some euro bulls today. Some ECB council members who fall more to the club (e.g. Coeur?) have recently spoken out in favour of a slower normalisation of monetary policy, something the hawks on the council have been doing for some time anyway. But exactly at the time when for lawful reasons alone (the keyword being the 33% limit) an ending of their asset purchases in the future becomes mandatory one important reason for the ECB is crumbling: the economy. Of course it's not opportune to be proclaiming an economic meltdown because of the recent weakness in the ifo, PMIs etc.. There's nothing dramatic about a moderate loss in the powerful economic momentum. However, the indiors and also the economy ought to stabilise at these still very solid, although lower levels within the coming months. The ECB would get into trouble and would have to convince the market to postpone its rate increase expectations.

    However we haven't got as far as this nonetheless. In light of the poorer indiors Draghi will state some-thing across the lines of ?we will continue to keep a close eye on the development (of the economy/the indiors)?. Even though the management of monetary policy is very likely to be discussed at the ECB council todaythose who are hoping for a concrete conclusion or hawkish remarks are likely to be disappointed though. The data in the euro zone is very likely to protect against that. In yields that provided powerful support for the dollar yesterday I see little scope in EURUSD short term and in my view the risks are on the negative.

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    Now=121 75 L =121 56

    I am expecting a tremendous jerk .soon . Do not know how long it will last . I shall ride the tide as long as it continues...

    Seeing Gold and Silver creating important LOWS . soon .

    Muzzleloaders arm ...

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