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    Dips are bought until it reaches 1,229x (h1/h4). . .just saying

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    Bank of America Merrill Lynch believes that the Euro has not yet exhausted the potential of this decrease to the U.S. dollar.

    Over the past ten days, the EURUSD rate fell by over 450 points, and the pair looks somewhat oversold, but the currency egists of Bank of America Merrill Lynch think that we should not speak about the conclusion of the downward motion. The Bank maintains a Brief position in the Euro/dollar from 1.2378 using a target of 1.15 and a stop at 1.26 and lists the subsequent reasons to Remain in a short position:Statistics from the Eurozone lately signal a portion of the economy, with April's outcomes, we can say that the cause is not bad weather, but also strong Euro. That the American Corporation will start the repatriation of capital. The smoothness of the yield curve on U.S. bonds means that foreign investors will only consider non-hedged investments in them. The incline of this Eurozone bond yield curve indies that investors will hedge currency risk when buying bonds here. The development of business investment in the US paves the way for wage and productivity growth. A deal to modify the North American free trade agreement (NAFTA) in the upcoming few months will strengthen the U.S. negotiating position in the trade dispute with China. The continuing process of deleveraging in China (decrease in the level of loans) will restrict the Central Bank's capacity to raise rates after the FED the monetary risk premium in america dollar is currently too large. The place of speculators in the Euro looks too big, especially if we take into account the divergence between it and the motion of the exchange rate.

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    Keep that shorts.

    My target was a couple days past 1.19.

    We already broke that next 1.17.

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    US session ought to be bullish for EURUSD.

    Lets view

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    EURUSD started maintain the range. Now I am awaiting retest yesterday provoion and following that motion to new minimal

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    I believe we have to await economic information to see some motion.

    Until than some scalping.

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    I had a Terrific Yield...I sold off half to Get a 150pip profit....then I unfortunately ...
    didnt Correct my limit order....and my remaining lot Earned around 125...

    I did nt jump back Overall I was Pleased with the Outcomes


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    What trade did you do this on? What day? Im trying to follow the euro and I must have missed it !

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    Stopped out today.
    Long did nt recently go well.


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    Shitty 100 pip profit disappeared on Tuesday. Up 75 pips -- that disappeared. Then entered short @ 1914. Stopped out @1944 for a second 30 pip hit. I can't afford to maintain allowing profitable transactions become losses, waiting for the 150 pip goal according to the 5MFX system. From now on I am going to have to start taking profits whenever I have them.

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