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Thread: EURUSD

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    I'm short from 1.2176 sl: 1.2265. I took the position Friday
    morning around 8AM EST.. I wished to track the halt, but
    dropped asleep due to whacky sleeping patterns last week.
    Fortunately price didnt abruptly reverse on me through my cease
    again. I'm considering moving the s/l asap to 1.2170, about
    breakeven. I'll cover on another bounce around 1.1205 place,
    but I'd love to leave the commerce open and hopefully make some
    adequate profits on a break below 1.2060 area. I wish I wouldve
    gotten in earlier, but have been focusing on the GBPUSD and
    USDCHF recently.

    Is anybody in this trade?

    What do you consider moving my stop for 1.2170? Too tight?
    I placed it here because I'm presuming there is at least two levels
    of immunity from where we're now on Fri near @ 1.2124:
    1)1.2140 Fri high after bounce from 1.1203 (near Fri reduced) and ~50%
    fibo from Friday high to 1.1203
    two)only above 61.8 percent fibo (1.2159)of 1.22131.2077) and a prior intraday
    service for Friday

    When it breaks those, I shall wait until a fracture of 1.2213 into glong
    or play smaller fibos to search for little pip profits until there is a clear

    I would like to be in a somewhat of a decent position only in case if it
    breaks from this daily consolidation. I might be able to re-enter
    on a bounce of 1.1205 place and back down off of 1.2200 area. What should you
    think about my rationale?

    How can I enhance this type of fibo support/resistance investigation ... possibly with a few signs? Didnt mention , although I noticed that the intraday and daily tops btw, and headandshoulders. It's still kind of iffy concerning when for me personally, although both are trend change signs, so it is a probality we'll see more downside.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So is the Euro dominace over the us dollar performed?
    Imho, 90% yes from current degree 1.2420 after strong rejection from 1.2538 yesterday (3 years old provide zone, first evaluation)

    and goal 1.2100 and also 1.2020 (23 percent of eurusd uptrend from 3 Jan 2017)

    shut out profit 40 pips for now, don depart any position available during weekend

    resell on monday

    good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    My next system for BUY image
    I think its time to go short.

    What a wonderful trap pub on the daily chart.

    Take profit 1.19.

    See there,decrease the noise.

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    Lifted SL into 1.24 53 and'm stil Brief

    Longed the $JY According to JY thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Are you currently monitoring EURUSD this week? You may be visiting a technically bullish pair; at least the EUR is technically stronger at the moment compared to USD. But there's need to be cautious of the market disposition and the positioning of price action. You may choose to ask: How bullish is 'bullish?' Basically, realize that price action on the EURUSD is working in a strong resistance zone and also the intra-day chart (H4) shows price action in a symmetrical triangle. It's very important to await clarity of price action in the first 1-2 days of trading this week....
    As in not trade during the first 1-2 days? Since the 2 days we've got NFP and FOMC, so when are you planning to exchange? Just Wednesday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I Believe we have reached the resistance level at 1.24 area~ Only short at 1.2377 SL slightly above 1.24
    Okay~ Profits Accepted :]

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    absurd news effect/15min candle , more time to react for H4 or daily !! OK . Just take care .

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    R shirt in smaller tf though very powerful bull gift for another leg around only demone the strength , can have small correction towards 1.2384/44 or even down 2275. Take good care ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    risky top playing last few weeks may to perform prior decision! 1.2237 /2200,2185/50, or 2091 all ok before next response . Nevertheless a top, nobody acquired but bull still strong here , so not that weekly/ monthly sell off trusting , waiting/like for time however. Take care , picture picture
    so testing the 1st sr vulnerable drawback also , take good care of

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