Hi guys I would like to share with u all a few of my forex insights and techniques through this journal. The purpose of this thread is to record my functionality using this technique and enhance my dicipline by having interaction with fellow forex traders inforexintuitiveconcerning the techique. Its a very simple technique but if used wisely, it can create opportunities as well. The same as any other techniques. It includes MM plogy.

I expect to interact with forex traders here and any comments and discussions are welcomed.

Technical Analysis:

- Using 10, 20, 50, 200 EMA.
- For bull markets, EMA ought to be align/ ascending accordingly. (there are a few exceptions)
- For bear markets EMA shud be in decending order (opposite of bull)
- 30 mins 1 hour chart.

- About the 10 day EMA.

Profit goal:
- 32 pips per transaction

- 3% of funds

Recall this technique if used wisely, it can generate up to 100% return per month, but it still depends per forex traders time as well, 'nothing is effortless'. I do not knowingly use stop/losses or incur high risk. Only a mere 3%.

My main instrument will be Eur/Usd. The nutritional supplement is going to be Gold market.


- Time is the friend if you would like to trade forex succesfully, the further effort u put in, the more u will get out of this market and find 'first-hand' opportunities. It takes some time to get there. So I emphasise trading time is going to be an important part in trading plogy, and my trading period will be about 7am - 9pm Eastern Time, depending on certain times where im active. =-RRB-
- The other element to consider consideration is, not all commerce setups are tradable, there are certain conditions we want reevaluate before entering a transaction, which ones are qualified and which aren't I will discuss it when there is a setup happens.

I hope you guys enjoy your stay here, hope u get a few thoughts and Happy Trading! Bring flourish to your loved ones and you. =-RRB-

DISCLAIMER: Forex trading is high risk and you must just use capital which you can effort to make investments. This thread is NOT a trading signal and is intend to use mainly for discussion purposes the founder's own use. Do not mean to trade without an notion about what you are doing. The idea of this creator is his own rather than an advice to other people to go into a trade.