I've been away from trading for about 6 months. Only got back into it about 2 weeks ago armed with philosophies and some new procedures.

Ordinarily, I still keep a journal in moneytec, but I thought I'd try one here instead. Ive found that keeping a journal keeps me on my feet and provides an opportunity to get comments and counsel from others. The generosity of these I've met during my books and forums accounts for the vast majority of what I understand. Studs like Akuma, soso, Stoxx, Xtsunami, Bear, and some others I am probably offending by forgetting.

First up is short term trade about the GBP pair. I've attached a 15 minute chart of exactly what I am looking at for this trade. I've been shorting it heavily the previous week or so and today I think that it's time for some stable retracement and consolidation. I visit some scope for moving from the down trend, but I am treading carefully. Ive taken profit after. I waitied for a cycle of time to develop and now I am long again in 2.0217. I visit the posibility of a tight array downward, so I am watching very very carefully. But when the cycle of time turns out to be important one, I believe 2.2032 is highly likely in another 6 months approximately. The close of the magenta forecast line is in a subdivision cycle point.

My general appearance is a dollar rally for another 20 some strange trading days, so a lot of my trades will be to the short side on the GBP and EUR. Occaionally I'll throw in some Gold when the setup is there.

I also keep a blog at http://4xcycletrader.blogspot.com/ which will likely go into more details about the real techniques.