I downloaded metatrader from spot trader(coefx.com), its quite good, doesn't fail. I'm using FXCM demo. I started a transaction. Ihad the stop loss at 149.99. Now the chart never made it to 149.99 but the FXCM decided to stop me in 149.99. I downloaded some free FXCM graphs from their site to find out whether the chart they've signaled the price touched 149.99 later I started my transaction. It did not. I staeted my transaction exactly 5 pm US central time(9pm GMT). Another transaction stopped me in 149.98, also Eur/Jpy yet it never reached that from the chart. The most it reached after I started my transaction was 149.97.

The red arrow is if I got my signal(8emacrossing 51ema). The red tick is when I entered the trade and it stopped me at .99 though it never reached it after my entry according to both metatrader and the fxcm free graphs.

7251715 00395016 EUR/JPY 200 S 149.94 149.99 -10 -83.50 0.00 0.00 10/11/2006 19:07 10/11/2006 19:17

7251479 00395016 EUR/JPY 200 S 149.90 149.99 -18 -150.30 0.00 0.00 10/11/2006 18:45 10/11/2006 19:02

Whats going on here?