Trading each day, and now, is essential to consistent trading success. What would you do differently today for trading success, as performance is no guarantee for future results? Which one thing would you focus on to be a trader? What did you learn last week that you would use this week to get trading success?

I am starting this thread to revolve around the central purpose of FF: To learn and to share. More than 90 percent offorexintuitivemembers joinedforexintuitiveprimarily due to this objective. However some members have a tendency to come to a position of overconfidence, to the point that there is nothing else that they feel they can learn; for taking positions contrary to 44, and worse, demonizing other fellow traders. This thread wishes to be different. The thread is open toforexintuitivemembers who share the value of careful trading and constant improvement to talk about thoughts and their trading experience. But let's keep things let's prevent being exhibitionist judgmental or offensive/abusive. Let us do things with emphasis on respect for fellow members. If you're sharing pictures, charts, movies or any form of attachments, please include are conveying.