1) Disclaimer
Before we start, just know, this is easy in theory, but difficult in practice.

2) Affordable Risk
Start off with anything you believe affordable risk.
For the sake of the thread we'll only say $50.

3) The Emotional Attitude
You have to treat it like digging out a hole to get the buried treasure. Wins create the hole. Losses create in the walls of the hole cave.

4) Do Not Think of the Money, Think About Web Presence Trades (NWT)
When you utilize a 50% stop loss and 100% take profit, a losing commerce will only let you lose the profit you made on the previous trade. When you scale down your leverage to compensate for the loss, a winning commerce will get you back to where you were before the previous trade.

This is the reason you shouldn't consider the money, but consider the Net Winning Trades (NWT).
What is a NWT? It simply means how a lot more wins you have had than losses.

5) 9 NWT = 100,000% Gain
in case you've got 9 Net Winning Trades, scaling up after every trade, you'll make a 100,000% gain.

9 NWT illuions

9 wins 0 losses
18 wins and 9 losses
30 wins and 21 losses
50 wins and 41 losses
150 wins and 141 losses

You get the point? Provided that you get those 9 Net Winning Trades, you'll make a 100,000% gain.

6) The Math
T1 -Balance $100 - Risk $50 - Take Profit $100
T2 -Balance $200 - Risk $100 - Take Profit $200
T3 -Balance $400 - Risk $200 - Take Profit $400
T4 -Balance $800 - Risk $400 - Take Profit $800
T5 -Balance $1600 - Risk $800 - Take Profit $1600
T6 -Balance $3200 - Risk $1600 - Take Profit $3200
T7 -Balance $6400 - Risk $3200 - Take Profit $6400
T8 -Balance $12800 - Risk $6400 - Take Profit $12800
T9 -Balance $25600 - Risk $12800 - Take Profit $25600

which stinks....

Balance $51200

7) Stop Loss and Leverage
This should be pretty self evident but here it moves

If you utilize 300:1 leverage, 17 pips is the stop loss. Your goal will be 34 pips.
If you utilize 200:1 leverage, 25 pips is the stop loss. Your goal will be 50 pips.
If you utilize 100:1 leverage, 50 pips is the stop loss. Your goal will be 100 pips.
If you utilize 50:1 leverage, 100 pips is the stop loss. Your goal will be 200 pips.

8) Image #1 - Digging for Treasure (Net Winning Trades Concept Illuion)

9) Image #2 - Example of a 200,000% gain in 4 times of swing trade the 30 second time frame

10) What to do after making $50,000
After attaining $50,000 (or anything you feel comfortable with), you should start trading lower leverage and lower risks. Here is what I would do, however, you can do anything you want.

A) assuming I made the $50,000 profits in 1 year or even less, I would be taxed and just have $35,000 to $40,000 remaining (unless tax free)

b) I would take the $40,000 and attempt to create 20% gains every month, which would give me approximately $400,000 at the year end, and after taxes I would have approximately $300,000 remaining.

C) now I would decrease my leverage by HALF, and trade the specific same manner I traded the entire year past. I would aim for 10% earnings a month, and at the year end, my profits will be $600,000 with a entire balance approximately $900,000. After earnings remaining balance will be approximately $750,000

Id) another year I would aim for 6 percent each month, and twice my money annually end to $1.5 mil. Repeat for next 5 years and retire (semi retire, I will still trade weekly graphs, only no scalping, likely more stock and commodity investments to be fair)

With 1:4 RISK REWARD and initial stop loss of $25

Account balance = $50, providing two attempts to begin.

Risk = 50 percent
Reward = 300 percent (4 fold)

$50 total, first commerce hazard $25
profit = $150 overall
profit = $450 overall
Loss =$225 overall
profit = $675 overall
profit = $2025 overall
Loss = $~1000 overall
profit = $3000 total
profit = $9000 total
Loss = $4500 overall
profit = $~13000 overall
profit = $39000 total
profit = $117000 overall

9 wins, 3 losses.

The order of the losses and wins doesn't matter.
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This thread is open for debate, don't hesitate to ask questions or make observations. .