Price Will Tell - Supply/Demand Price Action Trading
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Thread: Price Will Tell - Supply/Demand Price Action Trading

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    Just doing some diary material in this thread for the time being, and discussion stuff when and as. .


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    slight shift of momentum on gold futures. Bullish momentum spikes could bring more costly prices over 1298.8.
    1293-1294 scalp is my current play, provided no volatility spikes.
    1278.5 75-76 momentum based. 75ish daily ought to be the first goal if this sells off powerful.
    1281s could see action. Not interested for the time being.

    Possess a good start to the week

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote No matter S/L management those are contra-trend trades. Until you do the work to understand mark and direction direction out in your charts that the problem is only going to get worse.
    All I about leadership is HH HL is an up trend and LH LL is a down trend

    0 20 winning commerce past 2 weeks
    even BRLs losses

    I'm really confused

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I currently about leadership is HH HL is an up trend and LH LL is a downward trend 0 20 winning commerce last two weeks even BRLs losses I'm really confused
    like I said once before; in case you are trying to take trades at this stage on your trading career you are going to end up very frued. You have to learn to walk before you can run. The best method to do this can be participate in the thread but at this stage only post analysis.

    I'll try and make a more meaningful answer for you later but in the meantime remember - trading, even for those who've been doing it a number of years may still be awfully fruing. I've been trying to short EURJPY today. Here's a chart. The circled region is where I took two x B/Es. The confirmed area is where I finally gave up and decided to go to the pub. It is, ironically (and experience through studying PA really told me so at the time) the point at which the final chance to short this pair set up.

    Occasionally we have to let it all go. It's all part of the fun. And remember; trading has to be entertaining. As I say, I'll try and address your points a little bit later. For now, it's dinner time in London.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am really confused
    This is basically what happened last night and today on EURUSD M5. The PA encompasses a lot of what we speak about in this particular thread. I'll try and keep it simple.

    Last night FOMC pushed up price. First and foremost, we've got a need zone and two x BRLs on this chart. You may understand that the demand zone (that was feeble but legitimate) was tested. A new high was also established. At the time on the chart, I would say leadership was upward.

    If you think back to earlier discussions you will remember that I commented that after need is tested and contains held (our trade in effect) I personally think about that the zone to be service. On that basis, let's peek at what happens next.

    First, the top BRL is inverted, i.e. price breaks back down below, and secondly, the support area fails when price closes below it. At the exact moment, I consider there is an excellent possibility that sellers control this stage of the market. In other words, direction may now be contemplated Down.

    If we remove the former BRLs and failed support zone and only concentrate on brief analysis, we can add a feeble BRL (I say feeble because BRL format for me personally should ideally be a single candle break, however, this market does not always make things simple as we know). Hopefully the reason for putting the BRL here must be quite obvious. If not, take a look on a line chart that leaves on O/C prices.

    As you know, I have been extremely insistent on the notion that a BRL in this context is NOT resistance. In reality, if you recall, I made the remark a BRL in this context is an area where supply may setup.

    The initial zone exchange (in the context of an upward move is marked out to you. I'll refrain from marking out the distribution zone or posting an entry to the second trade. Having said that, all the info is now there on the chart that you work out.

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    I got your point, you're talking about here proper Price Action trading! Yes, price action trading doesn't mean just popular candlesticks pattern such as Pin Bar, Inside Bar, Outside Bar! A good proficient Forex trader may make enough money here quite comfortably.

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    You got it late, the title itself saying concerning price action trading egy will be discussed in thread.

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    BO after a reduction of up momentum. Simple 1:3

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    BO after a loss of upward momentum. Simple 1:3 picture
    Which are your ideas EURUSD M5?

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    Does not seem too interesting. I wasn't likely to place a market limit up in the maximum supply zone, but I wouldn't buy it till it gets down to that lower demand level

    But I'd see it sitting directly in my trend when I was watching the UJ installation which included to the factors for that commerce.

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