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    Trading a part of my entire life and TDI indior and APB are the chief pieces of my trading style. I appreciated plenty of traders from Trading Made Simple thread where it made me become who I am now.
    As per title stated I use 30 minutes graph to enter and depart my fx transactions ( I do check other time frames (M15 H1 H4) before taking my transactions simply to observe any conflicts/facing S/R etc,. Sound right forward doesn't it? No, why? Since things happen in between entry and exit that make it not so right and that is still a learning curve to plenty of myself and traders
    I shall post my trades here for sharing and talking purposes. Please do not follow them without doing your due diligence. I take no responsibilities.
    My favourite group ups are divergence and concealed divergence.

    Rules: TDI green sailed reddish off S/R, trade from Daily Open Line (DOL), 200 EMA, and weekly S/R.

    I input M30 with these affirmation:
    - TDI cross/bounce
    - APB same colour with my trade
    - @S/R
    - TL (trendline) breakout or special candle patterns (can be external bar/inside bar/pull back candle,reduced high/lower lows, greater high/higher lows, etc.)
    Notice: I use Stochastic to get additional affirmation and Wonderful to see market momentum. Main focus is on price actions around support/resistant levels and get in a trade when TDI crosses forming divergence/hidden divergence.

    Places are very important, and if you have divergence setup at great degree, 99.99% you will have nice luggage of greenies, but make sure you don't go short while TDIgt;68, stocgt;75 (overbought= market too bullish ), nor go long while TDIlt;32 (oversold = too large), stoclt;25. Additionally with those conditions and with TDI cross and APB identical colour, it'll be safer to go short when Stoclt;50, as long as stocgt;50.

    My trading period: Frankfurt Open(FO), London Open (LO), New York open (NY)

    English isn't my first language so I will try to clarify by showing it on my graphs if necessary.

    That I will try to post my transactions as early as possible once I entered them if I've got time to do so. Managing trades remains my hardest part where I need to understand it, where I need to master my emotion

    As I am a active trader I might not be accessible here all the time. I also might not have all response to all questions, and the purposes of this thread is to talk about and discuss so please help one another and important thing is be helpful and keep positive even if your account isn't positive daily, we all have negative and positive times, so deal with it in a proper way by accepting our own duties and not blaming the current market nor other people.

    This is an improvement system for people who understands the basis PA.. If you are new to FX, please give yourself time to study the basis first on then return here to join us and find out more.Please visit paper clip on top right hand corner of this thread to download all indies I use.

    Happy trading!
    My most recent template in black (LKC TMS 2017. Zip) has been inserted on 8th Jun 2017 as asked.

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    GJ divergence, coming off Pivot and 200 EMA, TDI nice angle. Looks like a great buy goal ~153.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote the trend is still bullish on htf..monitor well..if we get a close below 1.5725 on H1 there might be additional room down to 1.5670
    I emphasized the candle which closed under .15725 in blue and price failed to get down to 1.5670. . I reckon a few of you've made good pips . . I wasn't on this trade like I had to leave the house and I just got back

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    Got back in time to choose UJ sell. 50

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote hello I've been analyzing your style some more over the weekend.... I think you chose this transaction because price making hh's and hl's and hidden div at support [weak bears] .... However, I notice you went quite a ways in the low, what caused you so confident price would accomplish your profit target as it seems a long way in the reduced? Was it since tdi and stoc were overbought?
    Yes, reasons are in bold print and about Tok/ Sing open to have more vol, could not trade before this

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Aslo this thread Forex Math Rules. EURGBP = EU/GU.
    Yeah bro. I already corrected itself. I was meaning EG rather than GU. Also took the transaction at EG.

    How can news impact trading this method about the M30 Time Frame? I just noticed with luck that my trade suddenly jumped down 70 Pips in SECONDS. However, this is not something I would like to happen on routine. Having some open trade where news strikes in... May have been also a -70 Pips I guess. Do you look at a few News Indior before accepting any trade? I have the NewsCal 1.08 now attached to a chart with data in forexintuitive, thats fine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote yes, the 200 ema on H4. . .it's also good to take a look at this overly picture
    You mean that the line emphasized on this H4 screen to the mouse hover? Whats up with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hello lisat what do you think about this eur/aud trade. Good or bad? Double top trendline split h4 tdi stepping down last h4 bar doji image
    the trend is still bullish on htf..monitor well..if we get a close below 1.5725 on H1 there could be further down room to 1.5670

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    Lisat, what do you think about the one


    it appears to have moved somewhat since shooting the pic a few mins back though

    price stepping up
    off pivot
    ema good distance off
    hidden div

    ok for 25 pips?

    That the tdi cross is hardly touching however. Is this ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote In the same one again

    lmao .. Were almost like Foreign Exchange twins

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