I am starting this thread to research the ICWR Trading System. It stands for Impulsive/Corrective Wave Retracement. I started playing with this egy a week and have had my very best week so far!

I am attaching a pdf describing the plan. The most important idea is having the confidence to stay in the trade for the maximum volatility. I am also working on an EA to get autotrading this particular system. See the EURUSD chart to see 2 entrances. I am setting up a Standard trade which would've happened where you see the BLUE line, and a DARE ME commerce which would've happened where you see that the RED line. Both would've been winners....123 (Dare Me) and 106(Standard) pips.

I expect there'll be some interest in this topic. I will probably upload the autotrader tomorrow, but here's some info to begin.

I am also uploading the indior that works with the machine(not made by me). You will find a few on the market, but this one works pretty well. It draws the fibo automatically for you. I have been using the H1 charts and like that pretty well so far.

Standard Trade demands
- the 7MA gt; 21MA
- the 21MA gt; 49MA
- the STOCH (21,14,14) - the Main line gt; Signal line
- RSI(14) gt; 50

Dare Me Trade demands
- the STOCH (21,14,14) - the Main line isgt; Signal line
- RSI(14) gt; 50

I am always open to ideas....

**************************Version 2 upgrade uploaded 9/11*******************************

hello guys, I have uploaded version 2 of my EA. You will notice 5 buttons that are new....CL-25 thru CL-75 and NO SL button.
Once you open a commerce(with or with no SL set), you can press any of the four CL buttons and the SL will be transferred to that level. It is possible to press the next level and it will be transferred to that level for you.
IF YOU KEEP among the CL buttons on (maroon), the SL will automatically move whether that fib level moves during the trade.
If You Would like the SL to stay wherever you have it at the moment, click on NO SL to TURN off the AUTOMATIC SL MOVEMENT.
So, as your trade moves in your path(we expect) and the fib expands. . .moving that the fib amounts, you can automatically place the SL also it will move accordingly.

**************************Version 3 upgrade uploaded 9/15*******************************
I added BOF and BOP buttons for placing pending trades dependent on the fib 0% and 100% levels (BOF) and pending trades depending on the present price(BOP).
Please refer to article # 108 to get a better description.

**************************Version 3.1 upgrade uploaded 9/22*******************************
I have changed the time frame for your Standard and Dare Me buttons to be on the time of your chart. I have not tried it out yet! Additionally, I added the pair name and also the spread to your pair....color coded red or green depending on what your factor for Spread_Max is. I have it set for 3. So if the spread is gt;=3, the square will be red for caution. If less than 3, green to get okay. Just sort of a visual....
Maybe when I get the autotrading going, I will incorporate that to be a factor in choosing a trade or not.

**************************Version 3.5 upgrade uploaded 9/28*******************************
I have added 2 buttons for AUTOTRADING this EA.
See article # 123 for more information on 2 new buttons I setup for Autotrading so we wont have to babysit daily!!!!

PLEASE use this in a demo account until you verify it works for you!!!!!!