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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I utilize lfx charts for all of the majors ,Eur Lfx is down in coming weeks ,3 candle and that three candle in that place especially =high probability picture
    Hey good thread begin! Question which type of demonion are you running on lfx? Ecn am running and all of my lfx majors vanished. I got into using them later viewing you utilize them in the daily thread. Thanks for sharing!

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    Hi R ,welcome ,may be you must click market view ,then reveal all ,Hussin would state candles are much better Llfx ,cleaner, andI concur
    also lfx indies the way before fx

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hey great thread begin! Question which sort of demo are you currently running on lfx? I am running ecn and all my lfx majors vanished. I got into using them later viewing you use them in the daily thread. Thank you for sharing!

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    eu range can be difficult ,the weekly being reddish this week is no surprise ,the only thing I can think is usd and eur are bear to the point range will be extended ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi R ,welcome ,could be you've got to right click market watch ,then reveal all ,Hussin would say candles are better Llfx ,cleaner ,I concur also lfx shows the way before fx quote
    Hey I've done that and they simply are not there anymore. Glad to learn they still have them, although I will download another presentation. You got me hooked on them a long time. Thank you

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    down is much more powerful jpy on this ,
    that's a super pattern I doubt break for a long time ,I do not think the government could stop the force ,best case for the bears is lower wick
    additionally, it feeds my bearish view longer duration equities
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Interesting concerning the lfx charts. I have not ever used it myself. I see that the advantages of utilizing them. It is mostly because of a suspected mood shift in the market that I'd go long on the EURJPY JPY weakening. Another currency for a counterpart to the JPY would be an equally good or better choice. It is largely. This opinion is, just backed up by the value of EUR detoriating since the lfx might suggest. A mood shift (risk off) would lead to EUR weakening against other currencies. What's the lfx chart showing for the...

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    thread is very good

    uj probable target

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    The matter #305; really dont know with all the smart people is,why they exchange gbpjpy?if you ever exchange gbpjpy 1min chart you may know that it is 100% combination of usdjpy and gbpusd.gbpjpy has no character.and trading and believing on support resistance and trendlines create nosense.gbpjpy or eurjpy are second hand charts.my2pips

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    that the dax is a fav chart of mine picture picture
    Similar bearish perspective of US equities.

    ***Nice thread Tone

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