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    heres whats happening apart from EW (far over my pay grade but not over CG) regions of the market becoming balanced

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    heres what it looked like now in live trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    heres whats happening apart from EW (way over my pay grade but not over CG) regions of this market being balanced picture
    Well H, you know I'll be very pleased if I can work my way towards your cover grade!

    Basically EW is simply mimicking human emotion. So it results in what you say, but has fancy labels and materials.

    In total primary terms of non EW'ers, consider this as common sense.

    Wave 12 - quite tough to tell apart from a corrective move, wave 2 is frequently profound, but when the 3rd wave is in procedure, everyone would like to get in on the action and that is usually the most powerful wave. Wave 4 is much more often shallow, because of wave 3's impetus, then wave 5 is frequently more cautious and usually in the shape of a diagonal with crossovers. This constitutes people indecision or hesitation... as people are now not so sure Price will last much further.

    This is where you discover moments of equilibrium as sellers will finally enter the equation (in case the urge move was long) and vica versa for shorts.

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    CG that the only thing I know about EW is what you explained the wave 1 and 2(that is what creates the 123 pattern when wave 3 chooses out point 2) and wave 4 is both shallow and diagonal and then wave 5. Following the that I have lost in the woods together with the sub waves that is why I consentate more on the 123 like you do

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    It is wonderful how mutilated the initial system)) sorry, but I chose to work on the system of the author and slightly altered for themselves. Work on both screens that follow the major trend on the daily chart, but to get a more accurate entry to the M5 include the Results more than meet me.
    #1059;#1057;#1055;#1045;#1061; #1048; #1055;#1056;#1048;#1041;#1067;#1051;#1068;!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It is amazing how mutilated the initial method)) sorry, but I decided to focus on the system of the writer and slightly modified for themselves. Work on both screens that follow the main trend on the daily chart, however to get a more accurate entry on the M5 comprise the Outcomes more than meet me. SUCCESS AND PROFITS! #1059;#1057;#1055;#1045;#1061; #1048; #1055;#1056;#1048;#1041;#1067;#1051;#1068;! image
    I'm currently working on a similar approach in which APB/PAC validate trend but entrances are on 5/15mn to optimize R :R

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    I'll refrain from posting on this thread and let continue there Exploration Great luck

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    Here is what... recognise a move to be corrective and the overall trend must continue, (new highs if main trend is brief and corrective move is long and vica versa etc).


    Straightforward ABC with tide C = 200 percent of tide A. Match among these to the fib level equalling the former subwave 'I' and you have a pinpoint entrance with likelyhood of trend continuance.

    Ok, I also must admire the thread...

    Regards CG

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    Divergence and Cableguy,
    Your posts have been very beneficial in helping the newbies gain a better comprehension of what8217;s happening behind the scenes, and perhaps not getting so hung up on the TDI and PAC. Blindly taking TMS entries is stupid.

    When the people following this thread will use the TMS system, relying mostly on the teachings of Big E and Emmanuel, they ought to be a pupil of fundamental price action, patterns, etc..

    BUT I'd recommend against submitting charts which don't include the first TMS rules and indiors. If you could overlay your chart patterns/comments onto a TMS chart to help newbies learn the way to confirm.

    I get what you guys are attempting to do and I really respect it. But I also believe it disturbs the newbies.
    With that said, if you guys started a thread with your mentoring, I'd subscribe.

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    On egy the trade in diary section we'll just stay 16, me and CG post. It makes no sense revealing tdi with price action it is apples versus oranges

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