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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote delayed -grabbing up on thread.
    LOL no probs, did you read in the start, few!! A little skipped.
    Anyhow, off now,leave the thread to the TDI'ers sorry if I've hijacked it somewhat now, Fantastic indior bytheway, D

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Onejester, you might employ a multiple moving average such as the ones in my articles and see whether that may have helped. MMAs are just a tool to help show the fad. They aren't perfect but they appear to help filter poor trades while still offering lots of great trades. It seems you were going long contrary to the short trend. This image shows a few great shorts with great TDI momentum. image
    Hey man, thanks. I'll resume on Monday and have a look.

    Because I had a much better offer ( ) I took my eye off the ball with this particular trade. I have to have traded that change straight away, all of the signals were there I was tired and wished to go to bed. But no explanations, the sign was there I missed it!

    I love to attempt to get in before everybody notices, I know it can be done cause I have had some real successes. And for the ones which don't go, I'm outside at BE. I truly struggle with big stops.

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    He Will Not Seem Steve Abandon him to his own devices a very closed minded person

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So anyone make some Cash today
    Nope B/E

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Nope B/E
    I need to be learning something since I knew there was news from the way price was acting. No indiors!

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    Wasn't wrong in my Forecast Now with UJ up 100 pips, TDI strikes again,D
    Wheels coming off lol

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    Trading the nq I do Not have to worry about news

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Picture As I said, 'top of the pinbar'; Picture
    Yeah, you called it CG, just been on a Different thread and Trump undone what Mnuchin Stated, Dollar Spike, D

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Trading the nq I do not need to worry about news
    I must try it in demo. Did you advoe similar or amp ? Just wondering the best way to dip toe.

    Have exchanged dow/nasdaq before, assuming similar attributes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Big arm around you my friend, thought I was getting my hands shattered, Dove, god bless him, gave some great advice but because I couldn't load the charts up according to his preferences, needed to change brokers which was never likely to occur,I couldn't participate in the thread, shame as I'd have liked to pursue his teachings of the system, sure you can read all of it on the thread, I seemed a villain.
    He is a challenging old boy, but I can not knock that system, it requires a lot of mental ability to learn. The forum is really well run too. Personally, I'm just arse clenchingly nervous about the 40 pip stop. Some of the men on there are creating profitable trades, and as soon as you have it sussed it is possible to call shit until it occurs (really). When I quibbled about the stop, I understand I'd be informed that I had not heard enough, which is very correct (however). But nothing worth getting is gained.

    You'll be able to set up a demonion with and take trades with your broker. I'm still studying it, because I had some astoundingly good deals and can see potential. However, I am a line drawer at heart and if them lines are good enough for Tim Morge, they're good enough for me.

    By the exact same token, I can visit Divergence (and Dee 50) earning money real time with no/few indiors, I can not argue with that.

    Actually if you want some indior porn, get the cells and hit THIS...

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