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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote USDCAD Week 19 May 08 H4 trades: caught the breakout and 100pips with 4 open positions. image anybody else took that trade?
    Nice ch, Emm! But surely you supposed WCC on the film, not WRB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Nice ch, Emm! But surely you supposed WCC on the picture, not WRB.
    There's still another 100 pips move to capture today... when that WRB with 'hidden gems'get stuffed.

    Lt;aim the area between 1.2950 and 1.3040gt; at the D1 chart

    you are right that's a WCC seen only in the Weekly charts.

    But with WRB, we see them in each chart timeframe from Monthly, Weekly, Daily H4, H1, down to M15 and M1. People WRB with 'hidden jewels' are great to trade.

    Example is the H4 WRB after the breakout. That WRB can lead to price fall back today before it decides what to do.

    Recall these five famous quotes from the late Mark Douglas :
    1. Anything could happen.
    2. You do not need to understand what's going to happen next in order to generate money.
    3. There's a random distribution between wins and losses for any given pair of factors that define an edge.
    4. An advantage isn't anything more than a sign of a higher probability of one thing happening over another.
    5. Every moment on the market is unique.

    Five great reasons when one loses his money trading retail place forex.

    Keep It Easy:
    Just examine the candles, and ask - are the candles big or small at the last change.
    Assess - what's the short-term trend, what's the long-term trend.
    Assess - is price at a consolidation or near a consolidation.

    Good Trading,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Week 19 D1 chart trading: More selling for all these pairs EURUSD, EURJPY, EURAUD, EURCAD and EURNZD ,... until we see a D1 chart HA candle close with change in colour (that is our Exit state) ... we utilize the HA candles that is IMPORTANT . image image image image image
    we've EURAUD exit HA candle if D1 May 08 closed.

    EURUSD and EURJPY still going strong with fairly good promotion momentum. .
    EURUSD caution with yesterday D1 WRB and look closely at the TDI PL and VB respsonse to this price action.
    EURJPY - as long as USDJPY stays in very narrow range trading, EURJPY and AUDJPY and GBPJPY can see lower lows.

    EURCAD and EURNZD lost the majority of it selling momentum yesterday and we observe closely the way that it will trade now. Tightening trailing stop is what I shall do.

    Don't Overtrade, remember I pick only 1 pair from each of the five groups from my 20 pairs.

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    Counter-trend transactions D1 chart , reversal with TDI cross:




    Easy rule: In case you hadn't done your weekend homework work and don't own a Large Picture of these 3 pairs, you don't have a commerce plan therefore you don't trade.

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    Hello all
    can anybody guide me to the summary of this egy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello Can anyone direct me to the summary of the egy? Thanks
    I will give you an Introduction to Trading Made Simple

    Spend the opportunity to read and find out, it's worth the effort you invest on your own.

    Read, these below and follow those links.

    Trading Made Simple for beginners : Post#52,707

    A short history by pioneer celebrity snarlyjack Article#110
    Our overdue OP eelfranz aka Substantial E spent 6,000 hours Post#6 and he evolved as a trader and proceeded on and developed 2 trading procedures.
    5-Method and 21/233 Method Post#3018, Post#4104,
    After months of postings and answering many frequently asked questions FAQs,
    eelfranz made the leap into the new Trading Made Simple thread on 26 April 2011. Post#4432

    In Post#1, he explained how he traded the H4 chart span and he also traded the H1 chart during the NY session. This suited his life being retired and the time zone that he lived. Sadly he passed away in October 2012.

    Two very important articles: Post#261 and Post#647, give a very simple summary of what this 5-Method is and also the simple forex material we check before we look for the TDI installments to trade.

    TMS 5-Method Basic Rules: Post#53,841
    Constantly check the #1- Price Action first, then #2- TDI PostNumber3142
    Big E needed us to create this TMS thread collectively... Post#4,432

    Best of significant E Components 1 and 2 are in this post Article#76,986

    The original indiors and template #8230; PostNumber25

    Read of Big E#8217; articles... 861posts from the Craig Harris Stochastics thread and 463 articles in this TMS thread....and make notes on those training charts he posted. Pay attention whenever he mentioned PA and what you see on his training charts.

    Learn the fundamental things about forex trading first. A fantastic place to begin is

    If you want to trade the way Substantial E described in Post#1, make sure you utilize his template, then the Synergy HA candles and utilize that TDI Red Green version them in Post#25 .
    Learn Post#261 and Post#647 nicely since both of these articles are the survival kit.

    Notice that the TDI Red Green version repaints all the pubs in history so that you can't use this once you do back-testing by scrolling back your charts. The better way is to run this in live market and trade the TMS setups according to what you find without even refreshing your charts. If you want to trade with entries on the APB#1 and APB#2 candles, always await the price bar/candle to close and utilize the TDI to validate that the setup.

    About the Trader Dynamic Index aka TDI:
    It is an indior Utilizing numerous moving average of the RSI data. The RSI comes from the market actual price consequently the TDI is always suggested the Price Action. To have as good understanding of the TDI, read this novel by John Hayden.
    RSI: The Complete Guide [click to download] .

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    I believed I saw a 'Arjun candle' a while back...

    If you don't understand what an Arjun candle would be, then you have to learn from LE1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ”' 5 ema... reveals direction currently. . . Only wanting to put in on two or 2 candle 1. When there is a change do I have a TDI signal to enter... or even and looks strong then enter on candle two... use a discretion... practice on Demo... take some chances and determine if yor head computer was right... it's completely free. HA Candles... What are their size? If they are small I will usually go find another set up... Search for consolidation... look for how near PA is to supp/res levels... use your mind ! Believe it or not you have to take part and think... till...
    GBPAUD heading to its 100% of its Average Weekly Range from this Week Open, that's is a good 330 pips.

    TMS is simple and can be simple.

    The 5EMA, Average Price, Shift 3 is just use for direction.
    When the price action is over its 5EMA, its buy directio.
    In the event the price action is under its 5EMA, its market direction.

    But to look at the Greater amount price action, I like to see that the D1 and W1 candles in the background.
    Trading can be quite visual with a few trading tools to help us in our study and to train our 3 eyes to observe that the higher timeframe action bars/candles.
    Once we have developed the abilities to see higher timeframe price action we can shed using a few tools.

    Have fun trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote You appear to like breakout-retest-continuation, just as I do. From that perspective, GA seemed perfect, as the resistance turned into service and also there was PASR. I briefly plotted the TDI, in order to find out what it looked like when you chose the commerce, and the end is that from these 3 pairs, you had the steepest angle on GA about the TDI PL. It wasn't required, of course, since PASR said what we needed to know, but for additional assurance... image EDIT: There is also confluence with the D1 trendline at that BUOB.
    Well, I mention that many times before. I don't trade reversals like Large E did. He had been too competitive to select entries using APB#1 and #2 with the TDI because his sign.
    I prefer to exchange when the new 'fad' is established. Wait for the reversal, then the pullback and follow the continuation of the established 'trend'.

    For those 3 pairs, my selection was the same manner which LE1 would do at the beginning of the day. Have a look at the Day open and at which the 10EMA is. This 10EMA is dynamic service / resistance for the brief term intraday traders. I look at Weekly and Monthly to observe the same 10EMA as well as the 50EMA proximity which are longer term trading.

    Below are the screenshots of the same 3 pairs charts taken yesterday... before the NY session.

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    For instance how to interpret Post#647

    When wanting to enter a TDI exchange... take a moment first to watch basic 4x items... such as:

    How close am I to the prior high or lo
    Yes, TDI swing highs two weeks ago.

    Can I be in an uptrend or downtrend. . Short long term...
    Both D1 and W1 are UP but NEWS day throughout NY session, need to be quite careful.

    Can I be in or close to a consolidation area
    MC[3] consolidation

    Will Be the previous candles small...
    Yes, small bars/candles inside the MC[3].... Wait for breakout

    Look at the candles on the previous reversal... big, little, what
    Yes, a significant bar/candle that's that the Master Candle, follow with 3 smaller bars/candle

    How does the momentum look right now (12-2, 4-6)
    TDI bounce

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Your nearest transactions will probably always be when green crosses red and you enter on candle 1 or 2 two... chances are in your favor. Why? Because I'm expecting 3-8 candles... which is average... With bounce transactions the chances are reduced for your achievement... but it still functions. When wanting to enter a TDI exchange... take a moment first to observe basic 4x items... such as: How close am I to the prior high or lo Can I be in an uptrend or downtrend. . Short long term... Am I close to a consolidation area Are the preceding candles small... Look at the candles on the last...

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