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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Detector (ex paradox TRADER lol) why are you posting here are you helping anyone?
    I'm using the TDI,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote The amount I would be most interested in, is the cap of the pinbar at the onset of the transfer... picture

    As I said, 'top of the pinbar';

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    USDJPY Feb 06 H4 exchange closed 35pips depart by TSL. Bounce from BRN 108.50 and previous 'service' . picture
    Hello, Emm!

    Kind of a negative R :R, is not it? Assuming the SL was above the entry candle, or above the swing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote yes, comparing the RSI of the two periods 2 and 7 used , the green reddish separation is large. That can be observed when we examine the price bars close price above. RBZ Kiwi rate is on Thursday Feb 8 but now it can have impact when RBA announces its AUD rate. Kiwi made its move a week ahead of the week rate statement and broke the Weekly 'support'. picture
    Kiwi transfer lower with better data.

    Watching carefully if it is going to hit 1.063 this week. Tomorrow is RBNZ rate decision and there is likely no change that this time.

    looking at the Stochastics traders may be unwilling to sell today when Stoch is at oversold level. However, if the tendency is 'strong' price can move lower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    At the moment can market or possibly wait for a clear break to move higher in coming days. image
    Perfect analyzing again. Buy or sell. As long as the newbies get some hindsight charts to promote your crapware you are the guru. Keep the comedy up.

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    NZDUSD Week 06 Feb 15

    For those traders that love to select top to sell, perhaps this one is right for you.

    Where do you put your stop loss (to cut loss)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote considering the Weekly, it is interesting the way the market move into grey areas of WRBs , some traders think in 'stop searching' so they trade without stop loss, while others other traders think it is the way the market works in understanding where to fulfill orders. image
    Would you agree by searching liquidity they also wind up searching stops.

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    My agenda here is to share with people my previous 10 years experience trading using the TDI and if they want to trade like Big E,

    1) they must first read all his posts here in forexintuitive.

    2) they must use the TDI Red Green posted in Post#25

    Some people evidently have delusion that I have other hidden agenda.
    Posted this below many times, and now post again since people don't read old post.


    Introduction to Trading Made Simple . . For weekend traffic to this thread

    Trading Made Simple for beginners : Post#52,707

    A brief history by pioneer member snarlyjack Article#110
    Our overdue OP eelfranz aka Big E spent 6,000 hours: Post#6 and he evolved as a trader and went on and developed 2 trading methods.
    5-Method and 21/233 Method Post#3018, Post#4104,
    Following months of postings and answering most frequently asked questions FAQs,
    eelfranz made the leap into this new Trading Made Simple ribbon on 26 April 2011. Post#4432

    In Post#1, he explained how he traded the H4 chart timeframe and he also traded the H1 chart during the NY session. This satisfied his life being retired and the time zone he dwelt. Unfortunately he passed away in Oct 2012.

    Two extremely important posts: Post#261 and Post#647, provide a simple summary of what this 5-Method is and the simple forex stuff we check until we search for the TDI installments to trade.

    TMS 5-Method primary Rules: Post#53,841
    Always check the #1- Price Action first, then #2- TDI PostNumber3142
    Big E needed us to build this TMS thread together... Post#4,432

    Best of Big E Parts 1 and 2 are in this post Article#76,986

    The initial indiors and template ... Post#25

    Read all of major E' posts... 861posts in the Craig Harris Stochastics ribbon and 463 posts in this TMS thread....and create notes on these training charts he posted. Pay attention if he mentioned PA and what you see on his coaching charts.

    Know the fundamental things about forex trading original. A good place to begin would be

    If you would like to trade the way Substantial E clarified in Post#1, be sure to utilize his template , the Synergy HA candles and utilize that TDI Red Green version all them in Post#25 .

    Note that the TDI Red Green version repaints all of the pubs in history so you can't use this when you do back-testing by scrolling back your charts. The better method is to conduct this in live market and trade the TMS setups based on what you see without even refreshing your charts. When you would like to trade with entries on the APB#1 and APB#2 candles, always await the price bar/candle to shut and utilize the TDI to validate that the installation.

    Concerning the Trader Dynamic Index aka TDI:
    It's an indior using numerous moving average of the RSI data. The RSI is derived from the market real price hence the TDI is always suggested the Price Action. To have as excellent comprehension of the TDI, read this book by John Hayden.
    RSI: The Complete Guide Post#27,110 .

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    Hi emmanuel
    Could be Sort to Describe 'arjun candle'

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote did you see increased TF to spend the trade confirmation or just stick in 1 TF ? I know somebody using guppy tdi and that he doing well with that. Sorry my english poor.
    I really do check the daily just to get a sense of the big picture, but the MMA seems to filter entries just fine provided that you have the TDI momentum.

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