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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote manual trading at which lots of caution and preparation is taken prior to putting a trade
    hello folks, could someone please inform me what would be the 3 amigos please ????????

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote hello folks, could someone please inform me exactly what are the three amigos please ????????
    EU, GU, AU

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    SWOT.... The marketing crew of FXPOD appears quite creative when it comes to professionell sounding shortcuts for analyzing technics. Sure some bloody noobs will get hooked. It has nothing to do with this thread's system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    SWOT.... The marketing team of FXPOD seems quite creative when it comes to professionell sounding shortcuts for technics. Sure some noobs will get hooked. Too bad it has nothing to do with this thread's machine.
    SWOT-- old and stable-- like candlesticks or charts ;--RRB-

    Good to use in many scenarios, also in trading.
    Know ya abilities.

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    I am sure I am not the only person who thinks that this thread does not represent an accurate search result for its name.

    Why? Because there's nothing easy about it.

    Since the owner expired, it does not appear to moderated and I think it's wandered off subject (ahem!) .

    Maybe it should be called the innovative TMS thread?

    If you believe I am wrong, simply ignore what I have written.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Profesionell analyzing! Allow me to add one more thing. Expect darkness, when it turns night on your loion. Trade well.
    What kind of threat is this?

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    #9997; The Commnts of Traders (COT) Reports #8213; Week #5

    #9755; The report breaks down each Tuesday#8217;s (Wednesday, GMT 8) Open Interest and gives us a powerful view on what exactly the big guys have been doing in the marketplace and what their aims might be. It is issued each Friday (Saturday, GMT 8) and includes data from Tuesday to Tuesday. The 3 days are not included.
    #9755; This is an essential tool for gauging short or long term sentiment in Futures or Forex market. It is highly advisable not to use COT reports in regards to your trading decision. This report isn't designed as a market entry instrument, since the market could be short term bullish at a long-term downtrend. Although, it may be employed to affirm mid/long term fundamental bias in a given market.
    #9755; For specialized analysis or you as a tech, watch for vital inflection points, and/or as an analyst that monitor headline risk because they link to geopolitical situations and macroeconomic commentary.
    #9755; Always keep in mind that inter-market relationships govern currency price action. For this reason, you may need additional work in order to understand that the COT reports.
    #9755; Also, you will find corresponding meanings besides the symbol or tool name. In correlation, there's positive negative between pairs or crosses. This may turn at any moment; to # 8220; normal # 8221, making even though a pair to fall and the other to drop slower or to go sideways. There's also the possibility for a pair to rally in order to ";reach"; another pair.

    #9762; COT reports - forex statistics provide a proxy for quantity, but represent only a tiny fraction of the currency market.

    #9757; Trade at your own risk. I take no liability for any financial losses or even loss of life caused by your usage of this report ; )#8213; Do not just decide against your better or greatest trading edge out of an impatient desire to ";simply do something. "; Hence... ";Plan your transactions, then trade your egy. "; stay green and Good luck.

    Week #5

    Week #4

    Week #3

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Profesionell analyzing! Allow me to add one more thing. Expect darkness if night in your place turns. Trade well.
    In case you did not understand, Emmanuel has being here a long time. He's among the decent guys who've helped number of newbies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote what kind of threat is this?
    No threat. He is trying to be useful. He is a guy that is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello Kenchk I'd not merely sell based on just that Weekly BEEB. This can be a correction of the 2017 Jan 2018 bullish rally. On a longer duration Monthly chart I visit AU is wide ranging but to the side. A couple levels are that I am watching for goals. On my H4 POMO, it had been revealing toppisch at 0.8100 then it fell this week with slight pause at 0.8000. Next to see the price action what happens involving 0.7900 and 0.7850~0.7800 region. Gap down is probably when NY open on Sunday afternoon. H4 POMO: image Monthly...
    Thanks emmanuel, much appreciated!

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