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Thread: Strength vs Weakness

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote , '' I visit that a tidy and smaller footprint symbol button display on chart. Is it possible to discuss that indior? Thanks Cheers Kenny
    PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    UJ still moving downimage
    Has the diary surfaced today?
    Pardon the pun, my buddy, but you're doing the exact same as the OP. Plus it appears you're currently using Bollinger Bands. Nobody is asking for an open shut here but still poor mortals, we, don't have. It's a system, not a system, as explained by magentfx; additionally lovely quotes from Sun Tzu, but I keep missing the point of the thread so far. Am I being impatient I wonder?

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    So it is confirmed then: the diary has doubled. This makes it even more popular: only 3 members watching, such as myself. Also Dr.Admyck, I am afraid your article is very late, 6 minutes in the very least. You are supposed to place trades within seconds...
    I'm still curious though and want to watch (for a while) in which this Trading system thread will go... LOL

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    Please, everyone do not like this thread to move in a different one without to time for silly comments.

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    I think it to move to section. But there I will not be talking any of my trading methods.I would just post trade for my own knowledge. Since lots of people here are concerned about the place where the thread is. Nway I have nothing to lose. A request will be sent by me to the admins. Respect to all for letting me know.

    Thank you

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