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Thread: Strength vs Weakness

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    Subscribed! Looking for more of your trades and explaination! Sounds amazing and hopefuly I will discover the way to be better and profitable trader. Thank you

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    Admins, I dont understand why this thread was not moved to trading journals yet???

    All he does is post his own transactions.

    There's not any method.

    My thread has been moved to journals although I posted and outlined a method.
    Is this man special???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thank you.Dr. You will find lot of powerful traders here . I need all post their trade before taking.Its very east to manipulate it after taking. Ofcourse nobody gets to ask for explorer,since its quite personal.But they could atleast show their entry and exit .So you can trace what he enjoys. But everyone ought to be greatful of what's being shared. If someone keeps doing this then it'll be a trading service.
    I'm with you about posting the trades whenever they are taken and congratulations for your brilliant outcome, but by doing this only, you're doing no more than maintaining a trading journal. As this thread must belong to the section, nothing wrong with this, but others's rant is completely clear. It has been 3 days and not a shadow of a system was shared but a military suggestions, which, although significant, still require a excuse to provide a picture that is complete clear. If nobody can trace your logic (and I dare the readers here in order to prove me wrong), what's the point in calling the trades a few seconds after or before they're taken? I'm convinced no follower here is anticipating a sign services. Then if you still desire longer before you're ready to discuss something more substantial, all the more reason to refrain from calling trades (unless again you wish to maintain a journal, but then for sure that this thread needs proceeded). No offence meant, but I'm pretty certain the great majority of the readers here will concur.

    Edit: amended a couple of typos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Now : 30 120 54= 204 Each of the transactions I call are not simply bluffs. All these let it operate for average 3 hours and were submitted within 10 minutes of taking the transaction . image
    Please discuss your tick chat value,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Admins, I dont know why this thread wasn't transferred to trading journals yet??? Is post his transactions. There is no method. My thread was transferred to journals even though I summarized a system and posted. Is this guy ??? that is unique
    There are definitely special Individuals here

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The reason : RESCUE There has been a huge army marching towards the south(News or whatever). The wall was supposed to block the invading army. The speed they came they and ran were able proceed till the doorway to transcend the soldiers. They are still trying to knock on the door down with force that is enormous. Troy's people are still trying to guard their kingdom. Lets see if they are likely to break Troy's doorways or return . I am only letting them fight. Will watch till they take rest and become tired.
    I am explaining its up to traders to estimate what I mean from FIGHT/BLOCK/WALL/DOOR. Its a method.Not system.I concur with most here.Its wrong for me to post it here in system. Because its not a system.Its a egy. I needed to post it here , since there's absolutely no Method thread. And there's nothing called a system. For lot of folks its new what I am posting. What if of the FX brokers deletes all the historical data. What will your Indiors / Fibs / Patterns/Moving average give you ?

    The Fact is market will nonetheless move, go where it needs to proceed. Give it a thought .Indiors or Moving average demands Price to move,Price does not need indiors or Moving average to move. Because it does not depend on any of the fore mentioned Indiors or Technical analysis. It goes because there's disagreement between buyers and sellers.Nothing else.The troy video posted.That is all occurs everyday on the market. Learn it that the true way or its studying.

    Believe how the price moves.From 1 to 2 . Do you need an indior or Moving average. Remove those and you will see what happened more clearer.

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    Please don't take trades because I'm entering. I have losses. Anything you do . Will be on your discretion.

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    I see a bullish drive for EC. Magenfx what do you believe

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