Strength vs Weakness
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Thread: Strength vs Weakness

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    I have studied the market for years. I don't exchange FIB/MOVING AVERAGE/PATTERNS/ROUND NUMBER/INDICATORS.


    I exchange the 1 minute chart with the set of quite specific rules.

    METHOD :

    My way is based on electricity of price movement I search for certain price action and lock it,

    Most may think its a Counter fad technique. Nonetheless, it is not. Price moves over 50 pips on each pair daily for realistically its hard to receive 5 pips.If you consistently get 5 pips a day. You will be richer than warren buffet in annually compounding.

    TRADE :
    When I get in I will instantly place the trades. I have a stoploss of 110-120 pips. So NO BLUFFING /NO BULLSHIT/NO CHEATING.

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    there's a weakness in buyers or sellers at a specific time I target and its potential for me to analyse just in low timeframe. 1 minute and below. I have tick and one minute open.its fast but you can view live order flow if you pay attention.speed of move signifies speed of buying how fast big players get in and get out.

    This takes lots of courage and trust in the method you're trading.This is will take time to procure.

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    The many systems that are revealed here are jokes.This isn't how the market functions. If you do not understand how the price goes start looking for another profession or learn how to see it when it happens.Forget everything that you know.see only price and news.
    The market is war between buyer and seller . In the conclusion of each day we come to understand DAY, who's won for that.
    But should you see when they fight .we will come to understand who's fighting well.who is killing more .how quickly they are quickly they are proceeding to the opponent territory.

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    Interesting very similar trading system to me. Trading 1 min and monitoring order flow and liquidity levels. NICE!!!

    I've uploaded some of my transactions too

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    Trading Choice.

    Kindly understand the price movement and learn from it there is no Holygrail system. Moving average crossover/ Indiors / / Fibs /etc.. They tell what occurred in the past. But maybe not the future. What's going to tell the future is the current battle between the Bulls and bears. If your trading is based on any of the above mentioned indiors or moving averages etc.,. You won't succeed in this match.

    You can search for examples on your own trading system.Millions are examples are available why it did. And you'll start to think it failed since this happened and that occurred .It won't ever function like that. If someones disagrees I do not care , its truth to determine that you are incorrect after having worked on a method for period and if it proves you wrong everytime that you will think its going to function. Sorry mate you about the best way to hell.

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    Mentors :


    we'll discuss only the trades I have taken and post immediately after taken.I will never post a chart and say I took when I was away from the computer because I was busy. I have seen some diehard really major here.People who state that they do not have time to post Live charts are basically cheating on you for fame or cash. It takes that's the evidence and may be 10 seconds to post your entry.

    Each of the trades I take will be submitted within 10 seconds of carrying it. If you are following someone very closely I mean your mentors please insist on posting immediately.If he tells you I can't do it because of some reason. Find another mentor.because he does not understand how to trade all he wants is your focus.

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    I will explain in detail when I post the trades .see ya

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    Hi magentafx, it looks quite interesting! Hope I will learn from you, you appear to know what you are doing. .
    Care to share on a tick graph how you examine the warfare?

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    Intresting Subject hope to see That thread make it to the top offorexintuitive... Subscribed

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    Very egy! Eager to hear your insights.

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