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Thread: Dragon Riders GBP/JPY

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    Interestingly 61,8% expansion and R3 pivot at 153,48 coincide

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This pair drained my patience quicker than my phone battery draining...
    Most tools are heavily range-bound during this period, it's not merely GBP/JPY. The winter holidays are practically over now, soon everything should go back to normal.

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    The pair pulled back from 152.80 and is now testing 152.25, I think that it may drop to 151.50.

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    Even though the pair dropped 151.74 it immediately rebounded from this amount and is presently testing 152.80. I think it breaks out over it the pair will soon reach 153.40.

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    The pair is moving north and south broke out over 153.40. I think we may see it rally into 154.00.

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    Are point spreads the standard for this particular pair when non-farms are released? My stop was triggered at a price 20 points above the top... GBP/JPY. . GBP/USD to USD/JPY?? What I meant is is it that the spread of G/U U/J in this age?

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    130 pips up difference? Everybody knows what happened?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    130 pips difference up? Anyone knows what happened?
    Where 130 pips. . ? . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Where 130 pips. . ? . .
    sorry , my chart was f.. d up

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    We Could see a cosolidation on timeframe along with Also the Daily higyhis Attained, so a bearish retracement Can take place

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