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Thread: Dragon Riders GBP/JPY

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Wow Ally, you Are here, feel like home, You're welcome
    See dragon ... you do Not have a chance now

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    Fantastic thread. However, why do you brief this pair today??? Also, thanks to all for your cash ;--RRB- In 2 hours maximum, the price will be over 185.80, possibly 186...

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    The pair is around the resisitance on daily tf, a lot of open long positions Could be closed at such level, so There's the Likelihood of retracement, if the price breaks through this level up, the bull impulse may continue

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    The pair pulled from 152.46. I simply shorted, I believe that it will depreciate to 151.20.

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    Howdy Ya'll. I got a late start at 151.65. London Open failed to give me an entry buffer against immediate draw-downs into a bullish swing commerce. I closed at 152.08 and awaited potential re-entry. NFP was. It is time for the dollar to go soft. I am wore out to mess with a scalp on crazy day Friday. I will see what's in store for London Open Tuesday morning for our dragon and where the tendencies that are upper are next week.

    Enjoy a Fantastic weekend ya'll. May yer beers yer family warm and tender and be cold.

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    Trend is bearish, but the Daily trend is bullish, so buying opportunities will be formed Following the correction

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    H1 tendency is bearish, however, the Daily trend is bullish, so buying chances will be formed after the correction
    Yen pairs looking a tad tricky today, I took a lengthy on the pound through cable rather, hope it pans out.

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    I'm still maintaining my short position, when it reaches 151.20 I might consider opening a long one.

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    Can somebody explain to me why this pair has little ranged all day and sterling and usd/jpy have not? Excruciating on this pair waiting for something to occur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can somebody explain to me why this pair contains little ranged daily and sterling and usd/jpy have not? Excruciating afternoon on this pair waiting for something to occur.
    H1 TF is contrary the H4 and Daily TF's and they take a very long time to make their turns. So....sit on your palms....

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