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    hello everybody

    first im sorry im getting off subject

    that I want to bring this damn indior for my chart but I dont understand what is wrong with it
    I have tested different variations of it but nothing seems on chrats

    please help me if you knew a working version of it send me its own link

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    May be you required any library file or any foundation indior ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In this thread, I'll teach you how to code or perform some programming. I'll use MQL4 for the programming language. . I will start make a tomorrow and post it right here. I'll try make it easy for you men.
    Sorry for coming late, but it is better to be late than never.

    I enroll for class. thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Complex programming such as dashboard with button? No demand auto trading. Only for monitoring and alert. I'll pm u @.
    How can you do PM in @username?

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    I'm Newbie of coding. Paste, copy and edit is my Exercise now, I hope you guys will help me.
    Please help to address the error below. Thanks

    'Verbose' - variable not defined

    Utility Functions
    //================================================== ===========================
    //================================================== ===========================
    extern series OrderReliableErrTxt(int err)

    return (err :: ErrorDescription(err));

    void OrderReliablePrint(string s)

    if(Verbose)Printing(OrderReliable_Fname OrderReliableVersion : s);

    series OrderTypeToString(int type)

    if (type == OP_BUY) return(BUY);
    if (type == OP_SELL) return(SELL);
    if (type == OP_BUYSTOP) return(BUY STOP);
    if (type == OP_SELLSTOP) return(SELL STOP);
    if (type == OP_BUYLIMIT) return(BUY LIMIT);
    if (type == OP_SELLLIMIT) return(SELL LIMIT);
    return(None ( type ));

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi, I'm Newbie of coding. Copy, Paste and edit is my Exercise I facing some problem hope you guys can help me. Please help to solve the error as below. Thanks 'Verbose' - variable not defined Utility Functions //================================================== =========================== //================================================== =========================== extern string OrderReliableErrTxt(int err) return (err :: ErrorDescription(err)); emptiness OrderReliablePrint(string s){ if(Verbose)Print(OrderReliable_Fname OrderReliableVersion...
    You did not specify your Boolean kind Verbose variable. I guess you should pass its value as an argument in your OrderReliablePrint(string s, bool Verbose) function.

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    Anyone willing to share sourcecode that can exchange on any broker?
    And avoid ordersend error like 131, 134 and so on.

    And can manage:
    4/5 Records


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