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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote thank you for such kindness.... I ask anymore here after ... to learn purpose I asked... there I shared my thought too... for my small requests... I know how people are .... Really hearty thanks... god shown me that the actual face of some people frequently to me...
    No you did not learn anything. In case you wished to learn something and did you shouldn't unsubscribe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Keep up your great work.
    Thanks. Tomorrow I will instruct about incorporating a moving average into almost any oscillator indior.

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    Hi ,

    Hats off for the effort to instruct MQL to beginners, awesome work. I just wanted to provide some feedback, and this is a little more pedantic but I think as one learns to indie which there should be some schooling of best practices. For example the usage of the keywords input and extern. There's rarely a case that user-defined constants need to be altered from the appliion, and it is best practice to use the key word 'input' instead of 'extern' in order to prevent an modifiion. In the special and rare case where alteration of the user defined variable is necessary, extern should be used in fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi , Maybe this is a little more pedantic, but I think as one learns to indie that there ought to be some schooling of practices. For instance the use of these key words extern and enter. There is scarcely a case that constants need to be changed from the appliion, and it is best practice to utilize the key word 'input' instead of 'extern' in order to protect against an accidental and possibly modifiion. In fact, extern should only be used in the infrequent and specific case where modifiion of the user defined variable...
    Hi Nicholishen,

    Thanks for the comments. I agree it is important to be aware of the distinction between enter and extern because the whole thing could be affected by it.
    For example if the extern variable got changed during the appliion flly and suddenly the program obtained restarted, the changed variable is going to be gone. It requires some logic in order to keep the changes variable, one is by simply utilizing global variable. Also when extern variable got changed, the changes won't be reflected to the indior input or EA properties.

    For most cases, it is best practice to utilize input signal than extern in order to prevent any compliion. I think I will make a separate video about these factors input and extern.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    any way I left simple a single indior for my own use ... picture
    I set that for instance.

    You see there are 3 things.
    Rectangle (your fibonacci SR)
    and your price tags.

    From that code, all you have to do is simply change the title of this object and the X axis (Date time) and Y axis (price) value. Go read the documentation that is MQL4.

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    Okay thank you a lot. . .again subscribed. . I read that documentation but didnt understand anythiing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    okay thank you so much. . .again subscribed. . I read that documentation but didnt know anythiing
    Inserted Code //Rectangle ObjectCreate(0,FIB_SUP1, OBJ_RECTANGLE, 0, iTime(NULL, PERIOD_D1, 0), Close #91;5 #93;, Time#91;0#93;, Close#91;0#93;-RRB-; ObjectSetInteger (0,FIB_SUP1, OBJPROP_BACK,1 ); ObjectSetInteger (0,FIB_SUP1, OBJPROP_COLOR, C'0,52,62'); ObjectSetInteger(0,FIB_SUP1, OBJPROP_STYLE, 2); //Price Label 1 ObjectCreate(LABEL1,OBJ_ARROW,0,TimeNumber91;0#93; ,Close #91;0#93;-RRB-; ObjectSet(LABEL1,OBJPROP_ARROWCODE,SYMBOL_RIGHTPRI CE); ObjectSet(LABEL1,OBJPROP_COLOR,C'0,52,62'); //Price Label2 ObjectCreate(LABEL2,OBJ_ARROW,0,Time#91;0#93;,Clos e#91;5 #93;-RRB-; ObjectSet(LABEL2,OBJPROP_ARROWCODE,SYMBOL_RIGHTPRI CE); ObjectSet(LABEL2,OBJPROP_COLOR,C'0,52,62');
    Timing[0] is the X axis (Timing)
    Close[0] is the Y axis (Price)

    Timing[0] is the X axis (Timing)
    Close[5] is the Y axis (Price)

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    Okk understood... yet another doubt. .
    #define FIB_SUP1 FIB_SUP_1
    #define FIB_SUP2 FIB_SUP_2
    #define FIB_SUP3 FIB_SUP_3
    #define FIB_RES1 FIB_RES_1
    #define FIB_RES2 FIB_RES_2
    #define FIB_RES3 FIB_RES_3

    what is the diff of this define and double
    double B, A , D, E, A1, B1, D1, E1 , A2, B2, D2, E2 ;

    why should define...
    instead of this DEFINE cant do with double FIB_SUP1,FIB_SUP2 ,FIB_SUP3.... LIKE ? What's going to happen

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    Hey Yousername,
    Thanks for the Movies !!
    Looking forward to MQL PROGRAMMING 7 videos and so on!!!

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