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    Hi Guys

    I'm wondering if somebody would like to hone their abilities on this indi I'm considering....

    Basically I trade 4 pairs but ony have one track and would like this indi to keep me on scheadual.

    I will give an example - Say I'm trading 15m charts and 3 pairs - I have 5m to analyse each pair on each 15m bar

    I just need this indi to display the pair I should be watching - So for instance the first 5m of the 15m bar the text might say EUR/USD then if 5m is up the text changes to GBP/USD then for the previous 5m of the 15m bar it would exhibit EUR/JPY

    I could place this indi onto each of the pairs I'm watching with the very same settings and it'd give me the cue when to change to the next pair.

    Im presuming it only needs to split the timeframe by a specified ammount - from the case above it would split it by 3...

    Afterward I could input the text to display for each interval so... Interval 1 - EUR/USD Period two GBP/USD and Period 3 EUR/JPY'

    will be stoked if someone could whip this up - not sure maybe it already exists.


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    hey cindy.... Based on your instructions here... 15 minute bars divided into 3 intervals.... Each interval displaying a user selectable pair....

    Shout if adjustments needed...h

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hey cindy.... Based on your directions here... 15 minute bars divided into 3 intervals.... Each interval displaying an individual selectable pair....

    Holler if changes needed...h
    Hey Hayseed

    I am so sorry for not relplying earlier - Just just noticed your post now. I guess I'd given up. !

    The indi is amazing and I thank you. All I could say is that you are one of the ones! Somebody who goes out of their way to help your soul and others must be well rested! Without getting too deep I leave it at that and will say thanks!

    Ur a Champin cheers!


    PS sorry this is much too late!

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