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    Hello Men

    I'm a bit confused, my daily Gold silver candles are different from other brokers

    What time Start/close Daily Gold and Daily Silver Pubs


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    It closes 5 PM, New York time. And there's just 1 hour break. Then it opens again in PM, New York time. That's what I remember about gold, possibly the exact same is applicable for silver.
    Edit: on weekends there's no daily candle since markets are shut.

    Different brokers reveal various charts. Because of different servertime I think and the reason is? If I'm wrong, someone correct me.

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    Change Rates on Spot Gold.
    Just noticed that for the previous two days, the swap rate for XAUUSD has been charged at TEN TIMES the normal rate. Is this due to the volatility throughout the WEF meetings or can it be something else?
    First time I've encountered this. Any experienced traders answer this bit of trivia?

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    The exchange rate that ICMarkets are quoting are -5.88 Extended and 3.81 short for 100oz Gold. Can others confirm what their broker is supplying for this please? It seems exorbitant, particularly when you compare this with all all the rates on pairs. They state it is dictated by their liquidity provider, and reflects the broader market, so I am interested in exactly what the broader market is charging. I have a wholesome skepticism on this line, particularly if they are trading against me and the trade is just an inhouse one ( which they never state it is) and they could violate whatever imprint rates they want on it. They would not indie which liquidity provider provided that quote (funny that), and has been referred to get the quotes from different brokers.
    Compare it using Pepperstone for instance, in Australia. Its swap is -$0.73 cents (per 100 oz) long and $0.35 short (per 100 oz). What a contrast--$5.88 to $0.73 and $3.81 to $0.35. When you are carrying substantial quantity, the distinction is a killer.

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    1 Attachment(s) Open and closing time differs from 1 broker to another

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    FrankieB, for me personally swap long is twice as far as yours. Swap brief is less than half of yours.

    contract size is 100. I guess 1 contract is 1 oz?

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