iCustom indior based EA in mql4
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Thread: iCustom indior based EA in mql4

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    Hi there,

    I have generated an iCustom indior and analyzed using 'egy tester. With 37% modelling I get reasonable trades returns(profit)

    but when connected with real time chart, it does not generate any trade.

    Have anyone tried iCustom function for EA...

    want some help...

    much appreciated


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    You must have modeeling quality that is higher if you would like to infer anything. You need to clear the history for the currency pair your'e testing, then let MT reload to have better quality data. If this does not help you will find different procedures.

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    I'm using interbankfx.

    Additionally, any thought about freshman is creating transactions but real time isn't...



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm using interbankfx.

    Additionally, any idea about tester is creating trades but real time is not...


    it is most likely not iCustom to blame. It is most likely a lot size to your account. Look to see what the errors are. Also look in the diary at the screen's bottom

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    If you would like someone to check at it. If you would like to keep it to 16, article the code , not the iCustom.

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    My modelling is 90% today but
    outcomes are very poor. Profit variable was 2.02
    and ...

    is it diff information that refreshed....

    Log doesn't provide any error. . I dont see nothing in journal also

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    You did enable trade to reside, right? And enabled the expert advisors tab right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes, I did enable both...
    Well without looking at it, that is all I am prepared to figure on.

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    Hi there,

    How do we retireve lower and upper buffer worth in EA when using
    customer indior price station with iCustom function???

    Also, I am need some help with:

    I am trying to open 1 trade per pair at a time.

    Need easy code...

    help needed...


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