2 Days now, cannot make this code work
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Thread: 2 Days now, cannot make this code work

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    I've written this bit of code to add a delay between buystop orders once a buystop has only been deleted. It doesn't work although it complies without error. Any ideas?

    Inserted Code // Time Delay for the next Buy Stop Order after buystop is deleted. If ((kind == _OP_BUY) (MayOpenDeferOrder NextBuyStop_Order_Minutes !) =0))//Time Delay for the next Buy Stop Order int ordersHistoryTotal = OrdersHistoryTotal(); for (int o=ordersHistoryTotal;olt;=0;o--) //Count down until it strikes the total trades in history if(OrderSelect(I,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_HISTORY)) //Obtaining all historical trades if ((Symbol() == OrderSymbol()) (OrderComment() == Buy Cease.)) Continue; // Buy Cease. Is your consumer comment //added when a buystop order is deleted. if(((TimeCurrent() - OrderOpenTime())/60) lt; NextBuyStop_Order_Minutes) MayOpenDeferOrder = false; break; //MayOpenDeferOrder==BuyStop Order

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    Olt; =0

    should be
    ogt;=0 since you're counting down.

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    God you are good!

    Thank you Mate..saved me out of loosing all of my own hair

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    God you're great!

    Thanks Mate..saved me from loosing all my hair
    personally I am anticipating the day computers do what we want them to do and not what we advise them to do.

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