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Thread: Reality of FOREX: my experience with brokers plus share yours

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    I am a little confused about axiory. I'd really love some clarity concerning them, Since you're using them (@tradinglife) I visit is terminated with licensed with IFSC, belize, 200$ 1 accounts European, 1000 min accounts, the one you talked about. Licensed with all kinds of european regulators Whats up with Can it be their branch from south america or? They seem the same. Im considering opening an account with purple site But I want to know what I am seeing Anyway, after...
    Anyone could share their adventures with purple trading? I had been googling around and not reviews about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Anyone could share their experiences with purple trading? I had been googling around and not reviews about them.
    Why not simply pick one of those larger, well recognized and controlled broker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I welcome all forexintuitive traffic, my name is Alex. Even though I typically don't contribute to forums, forexintuitive changed my thoughts. I considerforexintuitiveas a fantastic and valuable community which is not influenced by agents interests and that's free from fake brokers articles (among a couple). So I would like to talk about there my expertise too I believe that this is eye-opening and useful for other traders. Lets start with a little about me. I trade forex for more than 9 years and approx the year I am in a position to trade it. You are probably thinking...
    I've been with Oanda for 6yrs and never needed issues.Got my money out within few hrs directly to my checking account with no fees.
    Yes disperse varies specially on high impact news events but that's common among many agents.
    Just saying from my experience I enjoy Oanda
    I was with MBTrading before and didn't like how they coped with my account.

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    Fantastic thread. . .Here's my personal experiences.
    The Fantastic
    The Lousy
    IronFx - getting a withdrawl from them proved to be complied.
    The Terrible
    Instaforex - mega reverses, getting cash back from them is a nightmare.

    Also, as an affiliate (I conduct, I have found that coping with Russia-based agents is a nightmare in terms of getting my commissions paid. It's safe to assume when coping with individual traders, that if they're slow to pay affiliates, they will also take their time, and the difference in time zones will also slows down your emails. though I do not work with them, I have heard great things about Oanda. When I had to give advice, I'd say go with a broker that is based in the UK (rather than just a broker that has a telephone number that begins using 44, people are easy to obtain, even if you're a broker operating in Aruba or even the Virgin Islands!!!)

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    I have been as of today trading with a amount of brokers and encountered a fantastic deal and in addition ones. Presently I may want to share my expertise and inform here which brokers you should not trade with and that brokers rely on my expertise. I'd also get a kick out of the opportunity to welcome different traders to share their expertise (real records just!) And I will add your expertise and notes on this article that is initially. I'd find a kick out of the opportunity to make something such as database of table and broker's notes/experience of real versus brokers that are low cost.

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    Thanks to TradingLife for this thread.
    I'm happy to have discovered this only in time as I'm trying to start a live account.
    Thougtht I'd go live with ICM or Pepperstone but the testimonials left on review sites are so scary.
    Have to be extra cautious going forward.

    Whilst reading this thread I took note of traders referring to ping, trade execution time, slippage etc, just how do you guys track all this.
    Additionally is there a simple method to compare broker spreads. I'm looking [no commission] since my transactions are held by me for a few days.

    Thank you

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