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Thread: Reality of FOREX: my experience with brokers plus share yours

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Trading Life posting is fantastic for forex starters . But shouldn't count as recommendations . An individual must do lots of research . Article of Traderslife similar to guest blogging technique where He found most of Negatives however what he recommends bizarre . Putting Axiory Europe and Global is stimulating traders to start their accounts there and yes Smart Marketing thought too .
    Agreed. However, you need to admit, they have fabulous website design and Client cabinet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So Interactive Brokers does not offer FX any longer. You say, and I concur, FXCM and Oanda shouldn't be considered options. That leaves That is all for US residents. I personally trade with a high leverage, non- regulated broker but with just 20% of my FX trading capital sitting at the broker. Been withn them for 3 years with no problems. Withdrawals arrive in 3 business days. To me, that is the benefit of leverage, I hold on to all my trading capital in my personal bank. So given these facts, would...
    I'm not personally from US, but I felt that choosing a good broker is a real issue for US traders, so that I covered it in my article. You probably agree that must definitely be among prevent brokers, I'll add them soon. If I'd be from US, I wouldn´t like quit trading, even if that´s something what the US officials likely wish to. I'd definitely not trade with the horrible ones, so that leaves the previous option - to go offshore. However, it´s pretty risky too, so I'd take FX for a payoff only - exactly as you wrote - and hope the situation will get better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    : Hi, I agree with your opinions, sad but true. There are very few retail Currency Market brokers value using. I'ven`t used to a lot of them, nevertheless the picture is pretty clear. That's why we see the greater focus on the division by authorities. In the long term this ought to be positive, because many of the brokers won`t survive with their current business model if regulating authorities decides to increase surveillance of the branch. Either the brokers that are poor are from business or they have to straigthen up. For recommending brokers I've one...
    Thanks for your post and confirming my experience. I will add LMAX one of the great ones like I already find the post of Galexandr that has the same experience as you. I'd be happy if you will let us understand how Darwinex is performing, they're new in FX and I thought that they're far more focused on investors than traders, so they require a great deal of real testing. But so far they're appearing trustworthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    All agent is great, if they pay me .... You've got experience with several brokers and now you perform with Axiory Global Ltd. is licensed and regulated by the IFSC Belize??????? . Are you currently IB or something????
    No, I am not. I exchange with Axiory Europe, you can see one of my account in my explorer and I don´t push anyone to anywhere. However, I´ve heard their worldwide branch has the very same technologies / liquidity and falls under their own group, so that´s the reason why I mentioned it. I am not sure why there's so much crime out of you, you can see in the articles above that others confirmed my experience. And no not all brokers are great, maybe they cover the remainder of what you lost, however, the poor brokers will cheat you on every single trade that you will open - nicely for now, just read the last sentence of the first post and relax

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    I have traded with XM for over 5years today, and hotforex, and do they cover - yes they do, and in time. That is what I might want from a broker, pay me once I want to be compensated - for the issue of bonuses and credit - perhaps its a marketing gimmick to get more customers and enormous leverage to lure us greedy and amateur traders - reality it functions because'm sure many people have dropped to it but is it their fault? I don't think so - all these brokers Let Me correct my leverage to 1:1 - they give me the choice to accept or not to accept their bonuses at the end of the day that a trader is responsible for their trading success or failure not the agent - the brokers to Prevent like you mention are the cheating ones - the deposit and gain, IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I've accounts at LMAX and Interactive Brokers: LMAX is an superb place to trade, their appliions package is complete, simple to use and provides innovative analytical tools. If you are able to open an account with them. . .this is where to be. Also, I've opened an account with Interactive Brokers, their appliions provides a lot of information. New users should use their presentation software and examine all of their Webinars due to the amount of software options. - Low cost (excellent) - Option of financial products, more sophistied traders seem to be...
    Thanks for your complied inspection. I'll add a link directing to your article into the list of brokers in the very first article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Okay, okay. First, let's be reasonable. You are saying XM is poor, and conlude InstaForex for a scam? InstaForex, their verifiion is quite complex and they require many documents so as to withdraw from your account first, but I've deposit $100 and I'm not s$ $$$$ with you, they let go my gain and deposit. I used their 30 percent Bonus too, but could not take it. Their implementation is poor, takes 7 seconds to start a transaction, however you can utilize Take Profit to close your transaction for less than a second. At least that is what I've experienced. Second, I have...
    Thanks for your precious article. However, I don´t understand why you disagree with Instaforex marking definitely avoidable while you are confirming they are 100% scam. The 10% rule within their Terms Conditions is only something terrible - they officially tell you that you can trade together but can´t earn together - even casinos would pay you more than Insta So Insta should certainly stay there.

    Regarding XM. To be honest, I consider Currency Market trading as a significant company and investment. Deposit bonuses and comparable questionable deals come in casinos and sport gambling, you will notice there bonuses anyplace, no-deposit trading etc.. everywhere - it has nothing to do with a serious company and investment. Deposit bonus is something that will artificially improve your deposit, so traders are more aggressive, but actually they're loosing their particular deposit substantially faster - meaning faster and larger profits for cheating brokers. Also click on their partnership button. They pay around USD10 per lot, and a few % if you introduce other introducing brokers. Just reply for your self, how they can make as much cash then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I trade dirctly on FXall's interbank platform, orders are then API-ed to MT4 brokers. If pricing/spread differs above my set allowance, no trades executed. Not all may have the chance to acquire interbank platforms, if you're not serious about trading and understand what you are doing. So few brokers that I recommend, mostly based in AU. FX AxiPrime IC Markets Pepperstone Global Prime FP Markets Invast these brokers are all dual models, meaning they can run A/B book.eitherway, it doesnt matter since they are well capitalized(in excess of...
    Thank you for your nice article! I was with IC and they are above-average agent, but left them due to their bad execution - likely I wasn´t switched into A-book yet. looks just like a good agent for traders on one side and also a agent for casino traders with their binary choices - I think that binary choices have nothing to do in the offering of specialist broker. I don´t have much experience with other brokers mentioned, so that I can´t judge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I've been using FXDD since 2008... withdrew over USD 6-figures... need to manually fill up a redemption form. For XM... only used for under a year... withdrew USD 6-figures also... very good spread. Fast withdrawals. Most traders failed not due to the broker... that is what 95% of failure like to blame. Check your trades. Improve it. Period.
    Thanks, but FXDD definitely not. I traded with them a couple of years ago when they offered trading without any costs (purposed for b-booking orders and for loosing traders) - created a very wonderful gain in only 1 week and they closed my account instantly This happens when casino loose its advantage (disperse / slippage) Also NFA fined FXDD repeatedly for unfavorable slippage. Seeing XM I´ve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Trading Life posting is good for FX starters . But should not count as recommendations . One should do lots of research himself . Article of Traderslife similar to guest blogging egy where He discovered most of Negatives however what he urges bizarre . Traders are stimulating to open their accounts yes and there Smart Marketing thought .
    Definitely, everyone should do a research on himself and when my posts will initiate the research, then it´s enough for me Also everyone should decide on the agent who will suit him and his trading plan the best, but traders should be aware of a great deal of cheating brokers and sharks who are only waiting on them. I am also opened into different traders' experience - I ´ ve upgraded the list, as you may see in the first post. If you have any better idea how to handle the first post along with the list of brokers, just allow me to know The good brokers that I wrote about are not a recommendation, but sharing my own expertise and opinion - you can see one of my own trading accounts at the explorer here.

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